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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thats About It

After that last little detour we got back on the road again.  Yes lots of driving and riding.  As we drove down Highway 1 which is what Todd was excited to do, we saw a pier and decided this was a time to make another stop.  We always love going to the pier when we are at a beach.  We put on our jackets and tennis shoes, cause it was COOL man, cool.  Off we went towards the pier and the ocean.  

Walking down the pier we saw this bird that had swooped down, then landed on this light post to have a a bite or two to eat.

And then this beauty who was just hanging out.

What I was hoping to see though, you know besides dolphins (or even whales) was surfers.   Ha ha!

 This creature seemed to enjoy watching them as much as I did.

It was so pretty there and once again I wondered if these people that live here in these houses realize the blessing.  I  am guessing they do.

So we hung out on the pier and watched the surfers catch a few waves, even though the water was somewhat calm that day.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was thinking one day I might like to give it a shot.  You know just try it out to see if I could do it for a second.  :)

See I told you the birds like watching the surfers too...

This guy was interesting.  Notice the jacket.  I told yall it was cool.  I always like watching fisherman at the beach.  I know I'm weird.  He explained to us that the people from the warmer California beaches come there to cool off.
He also told us how this pelican liked to hang out there and even though you arent suppose to feed them, it would come closer and closer waiting for a fish.  If you didnt seem like you were going to oblige, it would whack you with its long beak.  If you didnt take that hint, it would nip at your leg until you shared your bounty.

 Funny we had to leave Louisiana and go all the way to California to see a PELICAN.

We spent some time here watching the surfers, the birds, the people, the waves, and the water.  It was relaxing (as the beach usually is for me) and wonderful.

I could have stayed here a while for sure because...

 But again, we had to make a flight from Los Angeles, so off we went.  This next picture quality is what you get when you take the shot from inside the vehicle.  (Which I did a lot of)

We had lunch which was very good in Malibu which was very beautiful.
And then on to Los Angeles.  I didnt take many pictures there.  We really didnt do much there.  Just dinner and the airport.

We did however have a short ride in a dangerous taxi cab after turning in our rent car.  Believe me this is a GOOD picture of this cab.  It was much worse than it appears.  Yea Todds choice of cabs we got in left lots of room to be desired.

You know--- if you consider the age of the car, and the filthiness of the trunk where our luggage was placed, and the fact that the door would only open if the cab driver BANGED on it really hard with his hand several times, and the fact that the driver was so large that his seat was so far back that you could barely fit your legs back there. Believe me I was praying Lord keep us safe.  But turns out the guy was very nice and took us straight to our hotel, (which I could see from the cab and made sure I pointed it out to the guy so he would know we knew where we were going...)  Whole trip only cost like $8 - Todd tipped him considerably more.
So there was one picture I got.
And then there was one more.
In the airport...

I was certainly hoping I would see a movie star.  I mean it was Los Angeles.  So I had my eye out in the airport.
I stopped at this one store to get a T shirt and a few things to bring home to the crew in Vidalia.  I was waiting in line and I notice this guy.  Well actually I noticed his jacket.  For real.  I saw his jacket.  It was very nice suede maybe or some sort of soft looking leather.  Then as I waited behind him in line I noticed his hat.  Also nice.  So then I looked at his face.
I was pretty surprised then, since I totally recognized him.
I got this look of amazement on my face and looked around thinking...  Dont these people know that is a MOVIE STAR?  ha ha  I dont know what I thought they should be doing differently.  I guess I was just surprised that they were treating him just like they treated the guy before him and just like they would treat me.  hehehe
So Todd was standing at the edge of the store.  I could have called out to him but what was I going to say???  I kept waiting for him to look at me so I could give him some eye signal stating the obvious---MOVIE STAR MOVIE STAR---  He never looked my way.
I started digging furiously for my phone to get a picture.
I am not the type to interrupt him and ask for an autograph or anything but I was sure gonna try my best to get proof I was in line with him.  So I casually took my phone, held it sideways and took a picture.  YIKES I got it!  Then I watched him as he left the store.  There was this one guy sort of in his way as he was leaving so he had to turn his shoulder to the side and kinda brush up against this guy to get by.  Yea, that guy---TODD!  Can you say clueless...   hehehe
So I made my purchase and hurried to tell Todd about it and show him my picture.
Yea, thanks sales lady who handed him his BAG just as I snapped the shot.

It really is him, I promise.  It really was Ray Liotta.  (I could not come up with his name in the airport but as soon as we got on the plane, I looked through the movies and found him) hehehe

Well thats it on my trip pictures.  They will forever remain in my minds eye.  All the beautiful sights.  Thank you Lord so much for this opportunity.
Thank you so much Todd for this trip.

I am blessed and once again, what a privilege.

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