Saturday, February 11, 2012

In The Yard

I havent taken any more pictures since Averys birthday party.

I dont really like doing blogs without pictures.

Thus this blog with more pictures from that party! :)

Avery was sure glad this girl stopped by. She LOVES her some Lessley! She was so sweet to go out in the yard and push!

Funny story: Last time Mark went to visit he took Avery out to swing. They were having fun until Mark suggested she get on the swing -I think it was. Unfortunately a bird had -shall we say made a deposit- on the swing. When Avery saw it, she ran screaming at the top of her lungs, inside the house yelling to Casey what was on the swing... All done swinging in the yard.

Back to the party:
These guys come with Lessley so they were at the party too. Let me tell you, when I saw them here my head was swimming with ideas for pictures. Much to their delight I am sure, I did resist the temptation to climb that fence and photograph. But I tell you what, one day we definitely will have a photo shoot out there with the Reeves or at least some of them. Maybe even some Welch kids if they allow. :)

She loves her see saw. But that thing is work for us. Unless you have another little person it is a workout for a big person. Talk about squats!

This is what Uncle Josh and Uncle Mark got her. Now mind you, it is what she told Josh she wanted. So they got it.
When she opened it she looked a little confused and kept saying, "It's a big boy toy". It reminded me of way back when Mark was 2 and I got him a "My Buddy" doll. He opened it and said loudly, "A GIRL TOY!" He immediately threw it down and never picked it up again. It became Caseys little boy doll. The difference here is Avery loves her firetruck. :)

And here is a picture of my sweetie! I sure LOVE that guy!
Okay enough blogging, I have to get busy!