Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Day At The Park

Ok well it wasnt really the park, but the playground at the Elementary school in town is just as good or better.

Some of us went out there this weekend. Perfect photo opportunity! Spoken like a true amateur photographer that LOVES to photograph everything.

What we were really doing was trying to wear poor little Avery out so she would go home and take a nap before the Miss Vidalia Pageant in hopes that she would be rested and sweet during the event. It worked.

Several of us went to the playground. Of course there was Avery, and Casey and Charlie, and Josh and even Tance met us there. It seemed that being back on that playground was bringing back a few memories for them. Especially Charlie. We got the story of where Lindsey, his sister broke her arm, and where he tripped and broke his tooth. Josh and Tance remembered who played where out there. They played around a bit themselves. Some of us were concerned that Charlie might fall from here and bust another tooth. Thankfully he didnt.

Josh showed Avery his skills on the slide. She never really got brave enough to go all the way up the ladder but did slide with her mom putting her on it then sliding the rest of the way down.

Even though her daddy and Tance showed her they were fun --Avery still was not into the swings, but this she loved. It was her favorite. Although she really liked the fire truck a lot too.
Again she and I had a good time driving the fire truck.
This is the face I make when I am making the siren sound! We have recently been into emergency vehicles. Fun Times!
So we finally had enough fun and headed home. I think we will go back again some time soon.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

With All Our Hearts

We enjoyed Avery's Third Birthday party at The Childrens Museum in Monroe. She loves that place. I remember the first time we took her there it was time to close. We walked in the door but it was too late and we had to leave. WITHOUT PLAYING! Talk about a broken hearted little princess. So what do you do? Go find cupcakes quick! That worked. :)

Well this time we were not too late. She got to enjoy her birthday party time and play and play and play. She LOVED it! If you have never taken your kids or grand kids there you should give it a try. It's a great place to take kids. Cause you know its made just for kids! Like these.

We really all had a nice time watching the sweetest three year old we know celebrate right along with Tinkerbell!

It was nice to all be together again. Especially nice to get to spend a little time with Marks sweet girlfriend Anna Beth.

It was good to see Marks newly shaven face. Good Bye to No Shave November and its after effects. Avery had a blast. She loved the ambulance. She and I got some quality time in there together. I drove a while. Then she drove a while. She LOVED it when I would say "It's An Emergency! Hurry Avery, drive us to the hospital quick!" When I said that she did this! Every time! LOVE THAT!

And I have no idea what this face was for but I thought it was hilarious so I added it. hehehe
What a blessing it is to be grandparents to this little miracle that we love with all our hearts.

Monday, January 24, 2011


If you know me, you know that recently we had a celebration. A BIRTHDAY PARTY! It was for our sweet little Avery who turned three. So to a party we went. We drove to Monroe to the Childrens Museum. On the way to the party we passed St Francis Medical Center. A huge wave of memories flashed in my mind. Three years earlier we had been there when Avery was born. We drove back and forth to that hospital during those 58 days so many times. As we drove by there Saturday morning and saw that place, I thought of those halls, and the elevator doors, and the NICU and the place where we washed our hands, and the beeps... I remember being there three years earlier and how I wondered what God was going to do. Well what a glorious thing he did.




Well now this has brought me to tears so I will save the rest of the birthday post for later! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011


If you visit my blog once in a while then you have probably noticed this "Praying for Bennett" button on my sidebar.

Baby Bennett has been in the NICU for over 200 days! Thats more than 142 days longer than Avery was there, which seemed like forever to us. Bennett was born half Averys birth size. He weighed 1 lb 1 ounce, I think. He has had many troubles from day one but his parents love the Lord and know he is a gift to them from Him. They have asked for prayers for him and I have asked along with them.

Today is a most wonderful day for this sweet family. Baby Bennett was strapped into his car seat and got to take a precious miraculous ride home with his mommy and daddy.

Praise be to our God!

I remember very clearly the day we brought Avery home 58 days after her little 2 pound self was born. What a glorious, fantastic, blessed, scary, wonderful, tearful, amazing day that was.

So those of you who prayed with me for Bennett please join me in Thanking God for this day for him and his family. Even if you didnt know of Bennett, you can still join me in Thanks and Praise to God who took such great care of little Bennett and brought him to this day.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just Because

Just because I havent really had anything else to blog about, here is this:

Just because I love my new ear warmer which is not a hat but goes around your ears and buttons in the back, here is this:

Just because I loved the little shops we came across in New Orleans, here is this:

Just because I enjoyed the architecture there, here is this:
And this:

Just because I didnt know there were hot dog carts in New Orleans, and thought that was a Chicago and New York thing, here is this:

Just because Pralines are great, here is this:
Just because I thought you might want to know that there are people who stand around like frozen statues on the streets, here is this:
Just because I love a good cup of coffee, even though this was Todds', here is this:

Just because I thought this mixture of fire and water was really cool, here is this: