Saturday, March 31, 2012

Loss Gain

March 23rd just passed me by this year. I dont know how it happened really. I was so busy and crazy at work I guess. Tired in the evenings and thinking a whole lot on the whole adoption process for our sweet wonderful pastor and his equally sweet amazing and wonderful wife. The day just came and went, as if it were a normal day. Hmmm

This particular March 23rd had another something that made it unforgettable, only in a completely opposite way.

That's the day I went to Monroe to go with Casey and Charlie to the sonogram. That horrible terrible sonogram. The one where the picture I saw on the screen will forever be etched in my brain. The one where when I saw it, I knew. No one else in the room knew aside from the technician, who was deafeningly silent. One of the very saddest days in my entire life. Such loss and pain. The day Casey lost her first baby, our precious little Carson.

Thats the day that Danny, Calley, Josiah, Isaac, and Amaus along with Lesley got in a plane and flew across the world to PERU to meet their daughter,

beautiful sweet Luana Camila. If you read my blog then you probably already read hers, but if you havent, then click here to read their amazing story. it is such a picture of Gods love. Opening their arms and hearts to a child who without them would be fatherless, orphaned. Accepting her for all she is and truly loving her before even seeing her.

A day of loss for us became a day of such gain for them. We lost someone we already loved who we had never seen, nor would ever get to see. They were traveling to gain a daughter who they already loved but had never seen. Tremendous loss, and great gain, on the same date.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Job 1:21
This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Never before seen pictures, not even by Casey I dont think. Taken just before the great sadness began.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Last time everyone was home we decided to go bowling. None of us had ever taken Avery bowling before so this was a first for her.
She was quite curious about it and enjoyed it tons!
Of course Charlie was bowlingAnd there was MarkAnd Josh tooBut we also had some friends with us as well

Like Adam
And Tance
And of course where Tance is you usually find Lessley (Much to Averys delight)
Lessley helped Avery bowl and her very first bowl was --- Wait for it ---

A STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!! That right- Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!
This is Avery telling her daddy he needed to throw it hard to get a strike. She knows these things.
Whats wrong with this picture?Rivergate Bowl cant keep up with Avery. :)

Hey every shot cant be a strike! But it was okay. Mommy to the rescue!
Must have been a strike! I bet he heard Avery telling Charlie how to get one.
We had fun and plan to do it again some time soon. Here is a picture of the sweet family. You have to have a family picture first time to a bowling alley right?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Break Time

Well what do you do when you get a break from work? Go see your mom of course. At least thats what I did during this years Spring Break.

I wanted to go. I thought about seeing if Casey could get off to go with me. Then I thought about going myself. (That thought went away quickly.) Then I decided and even said out loud to my husband, Well I guess I will just put that out of my head. So plan B was to get Avery and let her stay a few days with Nonna and Poppa. I asked Casey and we planned for that. Then the next day Todd texted me this: "Pack your bags we are going to Memphis." I said "What?" He said "Read it again" I thought when he texted that, it must have meant that I read it wrong. But I didnt. Then he called and explained that he had asked his boss for an extra day off which meant we could make a quick trip to see my mom. Then I remembered that I had Avery coming... So we decided we could take her with us. It would be fun. So we asked her mommy and she said sure.

We had tons of fun and Avery was soooooooooo good! I was glad Mom got to see her. And Aunt Theresa saw her for the very first time! Wow.

Grandma and Uncle Johnny had her tons of treats. So many that we really didnt need to bring any, but we were prepared and brought some of course.

We blew bubbles

Avery got to play with Bogie. It was so funny when Bogie barked Avery would tell Grandma, "Bogies Ruffin!" :)
She LOVES Bogie. Each morning instead of saying "Good morning Nonna", or Wheres Grandma? She would say "Is Bogie up yet?" :)
She loved chasing him. Poor Bogie.
She loved petting him!
She LOVED giving him treats. He had more than normal. I am sure of it.
She loved getting him to "Fetch" which she told him to do many times while we were there. Sometimes he did! She was thrilled.
I think she may love Bogie as much as Grandma does.
It was so great to spend time with family I dont get to see often enough. Fun Fun Fun.
I am thankful for the visit and grateful for my family. All of them.I am so glad we got to go and very glad Avery Grace went with us.