Friday, February 26, 2010

Something Different

My posts are generally about fun things filled with the blessings of my life. ~~~~~

There is little girl.
Her name is little Kate.
She was blonde.
Now she's bald.
She had bright eyes.
Now they're sad.
One day she was playing and laughing
then her arm trembled.
The next day she had a brain tumor
and couldn't use her arm any more.


There is a little boy.
His name is little Jonah.
Something went wrong with his DNA
His skin just blisters every day
over and over at every touch.
Things that are scary for little Jonah--
Blue jeans, crawling, rubbing an itchy eye.
They mean raw skin, open sores, infection.


Life is not only us.
Things are not just about me and mine.
There are so many people in our world;
so many that aren't living my life.
Sometimes it makes me wonder why there is so much pain.
It doesn't seem fair that people
good people
people who love the Lord and trust Him
have things like this happen.
Of course things like this shouldn't happen to anyone
but they do.

Please pray for Kate and Jonah. I am

Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

** UPDATE: I did NOT just drop my hairbrush deep into the toilet!!!!**

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Reason #1 Havent done a Not Me lately
Reason #2 PRIZES!

So here goes:

I did not have a parent ask me recently if I would sign her name to a permission slip for the electronic $350 baby, stating she would pay for it if it was damaged while her daughter had it. "Ummm---No"

I did not send a somewhat embarrassing text to my husband about something that happened to me which he promptly read out loud to those present in the room embarrassing me further. (Thankfully it was only family)

I did not lose an important document at work. I did not then request a copy of the said document and then dream that I received it but lost it yet again. I did not (for days) believe that dream to be a reality. I was not pretty thankful when I realized that it was only a dream and I had not actually lost the document a second time. That didnt happen because I do not think about work at home and I would never dream about it at night.

I did not answer the phone today and reach around my boss (multitasking) to help with a copier issue and allow the phone cord to knock my bottled water over spilling it into a waterfall off the side of my desk onto the floor.

I did not eat McDonalds late last night after church, no way. Thats way too unhealthy not to mention fattening. No Not Me.

Oh and I did not --- Never mind, this ones too embarrassing. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

I just realized that I hadn't posted these pictures yet. What was I thinking?! See-What had happened was... I put them on facebook and I guess that made me forget about doing it here. I dont usually do much of the facebook thing with my pictures but lately I have done some of that.


Superbowl Sunday my boys decided they would dress for the occasion at church that morning. So they shed their usual jeans and polos for BLACK SUITS BABY complete with gold ties. GO SAINTS! I wish they would find more reasons to do that. I thought they looked great. I made them keep their nice clothes on until I got home after church so I could snap a few pictures of them at their best. We waited and waited on Todd but he was busy visiting as he likes to do after church sometimes, and then took some folks home who needed a ride. So yes, the boys got a little impatient. They are not always extremely tolerant. We decided to go on and do the photos without the head of our group. I of course really wanted to wait but the boys won. :) I got some nice family photos without the main man. :( We did have Uncle Mickey with us, who the boys would certainly say is the next best thing to dad.

I love this shot of me with my boys!

So we had a great day in church that day as usual. After church we enjoyed a great meal of Barbequed Ribs! (My daddy's recipe) After our meal we all settled in to watch the show of the decade in our little living room. I did not have my camera out during the game so you cannot see (unless you go to Caseys blog) the celebration and fun we had. The guys were pretty nervous and certainly excited especially towards the end. How much fun was that?! We did have a really nice time together as a family watching the game. Towards the end Josh announced that if the Saints pulled it off, we were all (Pausing the game of course so as not to miss any of the after game commentaries) taking off out the front door and - Get This- run around the block. Mickey said there was no way he would make it all the way around the block. Todd opted out as well. As soon as they WON, Josh and Mark took off and did hoop, and holler all the way around the block. Casey, Avery in her stroller, and I all took off too and ran/jogged all the way down the street but then turned back around and headed back to the house. It was COLD! I am sure even without pictures that night will be remembered for some time. The night the New Orleans Saints won the SUPERBOWL! What fun!

What have I said? 2010 - A Year of Celebrations! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Before and After

Ok so it was time for an upgrade thats for sure. I am so blessed to be able to do this. Birthdays are great! :) Thanks to my mom and my husband - I love the way my new room looks. The dirty, worn, floral is gone. Now I have this lush darker comfortable set. I was waiting to post pictures because I got a new lamp for my birthday but I had to go get it from Kirklands. We were able to do that this weekend and I love my new lamp. The old one I have had for quite some time. I think I have had it longer than I had the old living room suit. I remember when I got it. I WON it. Actually I won "Mother of the Year" that year. OK so it had nothing to do with my mothering skills. I just dropped my name in a box and it was chosen! What a great prize I got. There was a limosine ride, $100 free groceries, a dozen roses, dinner for two at Cock of the Walk, and the lamp of course. I think thats it. Maybe more, but what a prize it was! That was fun. It was also a very long time ago. Definitely time to retire the lamp. Did I mention that I love my new lamp? Thanks Kids, yall did good!

So this was before--

and AFTER--



Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!

Wow I can hardly believe it. We DID get snow here in Vidalia - LOUISIANA! Way down south. Rarely do we see this. I thought is was really pretty looking out my window and outside taking a few shots of the fluff coming down. Did I mention that we dont see this often. I debated whether or not to get out. I was by myself. Poor Todd had to work in it. Josh was sleeping but I knew he wouldnt be interested either. I made my mind up though and went for a ride all alone. Boy was I glad I did. I thought it was beautiful from my house but man what I saw when I got out was gorgeous. I love the shots with some color in them. I went to a place I love to go. It is so pretty up here and I go from time to time. I call it my thinking spot.

So if you ever know that something is going on in my life and you cant seem to find me, check this spot. "The Briars" I love to go just sit up here and think and pray. I dont do it often but from time to time I enjoy it. I was right it was really pretty up there.

From this shot you can see how high the Mississippi River is right now. Hmmmmm...
Then I went to the golf course. My daddy golfed here, and my boys too. Never when it was white though. So even though I would have much preferred that Todd was with me; cause I like doing everything with him, I still had a nice time taking photos of Gods beauty, and sipping hot coffee from the thermal cup I brought with me. I am sure it wont last long so I am glad I got to document it. When my memory fades I will be able to come back to this blog and be reminded.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


One more thing that happened while my adapter had failed me was the Sweetheart Presentation at our school. "Sweetheart" is the equivalent to "Homecoming Queen" only for Basketball. Our Sweetheart this year was Brooke. Isn't she cute? Brooke asked Josh to be one of her escorts for the presentation. Her other escort was her brother Tyler. Last year Brooke was on the Homecoming court and asked Josh to escort her in that, but he declined. He does not like the limelight. He also does not like "wasting" money on things like dress clothes he will likely not wear again. Since he will need the dress slacks for Graduation week three different times, he decided it would be ok to buy them and to escort Brooke. hehehe I was kinda surprised that he would dress up to come to school for this. But he did. He was actually pretty ok with it. He thought he looked pretty good. hehehe Dont tell him I told you that. :) Well I thought he looked pretty good too.

This is the last year I will get to see any of my kids enjoying school events like this. Sniff Sniff
So I asked Tyler if he would mind taking my camera and getting a shot of me and my youngest son, you know the baby, you know with the long blonde straight hair in a bowl cut. Oh wait that was yesterday, the other day, a year or two ago. Tyler did take my camera and get a shot for me. He did a pretty good job too. Thanks Tyler. -And Thanks Josh for allowing me to pose with you.
So anyway, I guess as much as Josh LOVES basketball it was fitting that he escort the Basketball Sweetheart. Now if we can just keep this winning streak up, we will be off the the State Championship Game! (That will be another whole post) GO VIKINGS!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

45 Years

Birthday posts have been fun to do. I love putting my thoughts together about my sweet family and writing out some of the wonderful memories I have of them. So I had decided that I was going to do my own birthday post complete with pictures! But thanks to ole Dell and the death of my adapter I was not able to do that. Instead I decided to write down some things I have to be grateful for over the last 45 years.
  • To start off with way back 45 years ago I was myself a miracle baby. ( a few more details on that here)
  • That time I went fishing with my daddy at Sardis Lake and caught the biggest fish!
  • That time we needed to tell daddy something real important (You know there werent always cell phones.) so mama and I sat on the front porch rubbing our temples thinking "Come Home, Come Home, Come Home" and he came home.
  • Playing "Church" when I was a kid. (Alone) I was the Preacher, the song leader, and the congregation... hehehe (Did other kids play church???)
  • Playing like I was a mama while in church. I would leave a space between me and the person seated next to me and pretend my child was sitting next to me. Yes I had a vivid imagination. :)
  • Getting braces (Dont laugh - I had vampire teeth)
  • That huge giraffe daddy made for me in Georgia. Man do I wish I still had that thing.
  • Moving to Louisiana - Now mind you at the time I wasnt quite as grateful, and Louisiana probably wouldnt have been my first choice had I been given one, BUT - GRATEFUL because of this next one...
  • Once we moved here, meeting that sweet guy with the great smile (Todd)
  • My marriage and my wonderful husband
  • 6 lb 5 oz Casey, 6 lb 5 oz Mark, and 7 lb 5 oz Josh
  • Being able to stay home with my kids when they were little
  • That time when Mark hollered down the hall at bedtime when he was 2 "I love you people"
  • Joshuas first trip to the doctor where he asked, while waiting in the waiting room "When Dr. Polk gets through praying for those people, then we get to go in so he can pray for me?" (Love that he thought we were there for prayer since he was sick.)
  • Caseys beautiful storybook wedding
  • That day, that sonogram
  • Avery Grace Reeves
  • God Grace and His Love
  • My guitar, how I learned to play, and how I love to use it to worship my King
  • My life
  • My God
Yes I am grateful for all of this and oh so much more in my 45 years. I know I will have many more things to be grateful for in the years to come. What are you grateful for???

**A special Thank you to my sister for the birthday flowers I am next to in the photo above**

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Birthday Bash

Well a lot has gone on since my adapter died. I will just start a little at a time though so as not to overwhelm you with my photographs! So first come first. Averys birthday party. I know lots of you probably saw it on Caseys blog. But now for my own take on it.

Casey decided that Chuck E. Cheeses was the ticket. So off to Baton Rouge we went. 2 hours away for loads of fun and pizza too. We arrived with plenty of time so of course Josh's idea of a nice day was to make a stop at LSU! So we did. We looked for Mike the Tiger who must have been resting again. I havent seen him there yet. Only at a game. We were hoping he would be roaming around but it didnt happen. Avery didnt care though she loved it. So it was a great beginning to her birthday celebration. Josh thought it was pretty cool that we saw this guys vehicle on campus.
After a stroll across campus off we went to see Chuck E.We thought she would like him and boy were we right! This girl LOVED her some Chuck E Cheese. She followed him around hugging and hugging, even when he didnt know he was getting hugged. LOL

She danced and jumped and squealed and played and ate pizza and cake and opened presents until she was totally tuckered out. We had a really great time, even the grown ups. It was so much fun to celebrate her birth and first two years.

OK so get ready there is more to come. I know you all missed me didnt you. Uh Huh - yea you did! Well, I am back!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where Am I?

Good Greif - You thought I fell of the face fo the earth didnt you? Well I didnt and contrary to popular belief neither did my computer. My adapter died. I ordered another expensive one and it has yet to come in. They keep e mailing me telling it will be shipped later and later. So eventually it will come in. I have faith. Then I will be able to catch you up on the goings and comings here with pictures of course. I think I am going into withdrawal from not being able to edit pictures SO go ahead, get ready cause when I get rolling there will be lots of pictures!

Thats it for now as I am at work. Just didnt want anyone to think I had given up on blogging. No way.

Have a great week and maybe by next week I will be back here. :)