Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Wedding

May 16, 2015

That was the day that my first born son was married to sweet Paige.

We are so happy that they are finally married.

It was a large wedding party.  They all looked so nice.
Avery was part of the wedding party.  

 Casey was a bridesmaid.

My own sweetheart performed the ceremony.

Here is a candid shot of me and my sweet three.  I was pinning boutonnieres. 

 It was a very nice ceremony.  Even though the dark clouds threatened us throughout the day, when it came time for the ceremony it was nice and clear.  We were all very thankful for that.

Mark and Paige had several things they added to their day that I thought were very sweet.


Sending each other gifts before the ceremony.  This is Paige reading a letter he wrote to her to go along with her gift.  It was so sweet to watch her read the letter.  (A little makeup touch up was required.)

This is her reaction to her Tiffany blue gift!

This is Mark reading the letter Paige wrote him to go along with the gift that was delivered to him.

At the reception they toasted each other with Sprite - Paiges favorite!

This is our nephew Grayson who has made a very good buddy in Josh.  (I have no idea how he got dirty, but it had rained a lot earlier in the day, so there you go.)

Another thing about Grayson--- He is a dancing machine!  Seriously!

Avery was giving him a good run for his money however.  There was lots of dancing going on.

And - yea, I have no idea!  But I think its pretty funny.