Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Live The Dream Conference

Recently I went with some other women from our Church to a Live The Dream Conference in Baton Rouge. We left Thursday and didnt come back home to reality until Saturday evening. I was so excited to hear Priscilla Shirer. I had never heard her speak before, however I had heard of her and knew that she sometimes got together with Beth Moore at some BIG conferences and such. So I figured it would be pretty good. I expected that and it was awesome. I loved how she shared stories from her life and her kids lives. I especially liked the story she told about how when she was a kid and shared a room with her sister there was a house fire in her neighborhood. You could see the fire engines and such all outside her bedroom window which was just above her bed. So her sister got up and opened the curtains and watched the goings ons, and her mom came in there and pulled the other side of the curtain hanging above her bed and looked out the window as well at all the police presence and happenings. All the while she slept never finding out anything about it until the morning. She then related it to how we sleep walk through life sometimes, wishing away sleepless nights, then diaper duty, then homework torture, then waiting up for them to come home... When really we should be embracing where God has us right now, seeking Him as to how to enjoy each slice of life.
Disclaimer, I certainly didnt express that as wonderfully as she did. But hopefully you got some of the point.

I also loved how she told how her little guy loves to build blocks and towers, but his attention span is, well not so much. So he builds a little and then moves on to something else. A bit later he will come back to build but never wants to build on the same tower. He always always wants to start a new tower, no matter how she encourages him to return to his first work. She then showed us how we do God like that sometimes. Starting something he shows us to do and then stopping short, moving on, and sometimes never getting back to what he showed us to do to begin with. Again, she made it sound so much more awe inspiring.
And yes we were THAT CLOSE when she was speaking here. Can you say, GOOD SEATS!

Another picture from the good seats. That is Delynn Rizzo, the Pastors wife of Healing Place Church where the event took place. She spoke at one session as well. She too was inspiring and sang a beautiful song. You know me, I am always moved by the music. She shared the testimony of how their life in the ministry began. It was very interesting and encouraging. I was glad to hear from her. I somehow thought that the biggest treat in teaching would be Priscilla, but honestly my heart was spoken to, by all, and I mean ALL the speakers!

Christine Caine is ...(bringing back a term from years ago)... THE BOMB! I could have listened to her all weekend. And not just because I love her amazing accent! I will watch out for her to be somewhere close and hopefully be able to go hear her again one day soon. She has a gift.

Craig and Amy Groeschel also each spoke. I was very interested in what Craig taught us. It was really cool how each session brought a message straight to the heart. I honestly never left one session without tears. I know, I know, thats not a biggie for me since I am, unfortunately a crier. But I was really touched at each teaching.

At one point during the weekend, I was singing, well we were all singing... Anyway, I was singing about our amazing God and really opening my heart up to Him, and I just lifted my hands and my head up towards the heavens, and as I opened my eyes --- There it was, this strategically placed, huge, beautifully lit heart. It SPOKE of Gods love to me in such a great way. I had seen it there before that moment, but I dont know-- when I opened my eyes and it filled them, (I mean it was BIG) there was just something about it. Gods Love is sooooooo amazing. I was thankful to have that experience.

Honestly I can say that this conference was much more of a production that I expected. I mean, I have been to conferences before, however, not that many. But never one like this. There were so many unexpected extras and so much involved. It was really something. And sometimes when there are so many bells and whistles, it sorta turns into the circus show or something with lots of fluff and fru fru. But the WORD that went out surpassed the bells and whistles by far! It was pretty amazing.
At the end of the conference there was even a fireworks show. I mean to tell you it was as good as any we have here in town on the Fourth of July or New Years! I am so thankful I was able to go and glad I went. I hope to have more girls go again next year. LET'S DO IT!

Calley, Jennifer, & Denae: I enjoyed our weekend very much! You girls are GREAT! :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

From the Mouths of Little Children

Not too long ago there was some Christian entertainment on the Riverwalk. We went over to enjoy some of it. It was very nice hearing Praise Music outside.

Avery thought it was GREAT! Have I mentioned before that girl LOVES to dance! She was not inhibited at all that there were tons of people everywhere. She danced and sang, ( but mostly danced ). She went right up to the front so she could get a great view. She clapped and enjoyed the Praise Music.

Maybe we should all learn from her.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Week with Nonna and Poppa

Believe it or not, while we had Avery a few weeks ago for the entire week, I did not pull out my camera the entire time. Well except to take the pictures of Kaitlyn and Josh. I know its hard to believe! I cant believe it myself. What in the world was I thinking?

However I did use my "old" iphone from time to time. So here are a few iphone photos from that week. Mainly I guess I took these so I could tweet them to mommy. Ha

This was a bedtime story from Poppa one night.
And she just might hurt me for this one day, but this would be one morning! Can you all say "Bed Head"! Bahahahaha
When I looked at her and laughed and told her she had a major case of bed head, she said "Nonna, what bed head?" hehehe

One morning she and I went to the Natchez Coffee Shop for breakfast. She ate a large amount of pancakes, thats for sure. She even said her belly ached when we left. But most definitely the highlight of the breakfast was that the owner brought this huge sock monkey in a high chair over to eat breakfast with us. Avery was very pleased with that decision, and the lady for that matter. She kept asking me where the lady went. I would explain that she was working. Avery was glad the monkey wasnt working and he could stay with us. She enjoyed it so much I was a little nervous that she would be upset when we left without him. Actually she did ask if we could take him with us, but I explained that he lived there so he had to stay and she was okay with that.

After our breakfast that morning we went to Duncan Park where I used to take her mommy to play years ago. She had a good time and we stayed quite a while. Her favorite thing there...

---The rocks. She played and played in the rocks. She took off her shoes and filled them with rocks and poured them back out again, over and over. Shhhhhh dont tell her mommy I let her do that. Aww never mind tell her, it's a Nonnas right. And I cleaned the shoes up really good when we got home, so there!

So now I am going to get my camera out and make SURE that I didnt take ANY pictures that week, cause it's just too hard to believe!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beauty & The Beast

I dont know why I am showing you these...

I did think they were interesting.

Thats a spider yall!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just for the Fun of It

Here are a few photos of our sweetie. Isnt she just scrumptious.

We had a great time here in Vidalia while her mommy and daddy were in New York. This was the beginning of one little nap time during the week.
I took these after I did Kaitlyn and Josh's pictures.
Do you still get your wishes if you throw acorns in the fountain instead of quarters?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kaitlyn & Josh

A while back I did some Senior pictures for our niece Kaitlyn. You can revisit those here. Recently she called me and asked me if I would take some pictures of her with her boyfriend Josh. We picked a free weekend and got the deed done.
I think some of them turned out pretty great. I hope she is happy with them. It was nice to meet Josh. He seemed very sweet and pretty smitten with our Kaitlyn.
Josh is in his Senior Year and was in need of some Senior portraits as well, so I did a few of him just by himself. I hope his mom likes them.

I got a little creative in a few shots just for the fun of it.

We had a nice time doing the pictures and then enjoyed a delicious Mexican lunch together before they headed back home to Mississippi.