Sunday, August 4, 2013


Revelation 21:18-21 And the building of the wall of it was jasper:  and the city pure gold like unto clear glass.  And the foundations of the wall of the city garnished with every manner of precious stones.  The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of precious stone.  The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third agate, the fourth emerald, the fifth onyx, the sixth ruby, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth turquoise, the eleventh jacinth, and the twelfth amethyst.  And the twelve gates twelve pearls; every single gate was of one pearl; and the street of the city, pure gold, as it were transparent glass.

Can  you imagine it, the beauty?

I love beautiful things.  Especially beautiful things of nature.  This summer I did a sort of patio makeover.  Placing plants and flowers and patio furniture out there to make the patio a more beautiful place to sit, think, read, rest, and such. 
I love sitting out there looking at the beautiful cardinals, blue birds, doves, hummingbirds...

I love watching the squirrels too.  Scurrying and jumping and running. 

So one afternoon I was out back enjoying the beauty when I read these scriptures above about Heaven.  I realized that the beauty I was enjoying was absolutely nothing compared to this that I was reading about in Gods word.  I thought of the things I love in nature. 


 Beaches  (This was from one of our summer trips)

Oceans (This was from the cruise Todd and I went on.  I could not believe the beautiful blue water when we went out on that catamaran)

Fields of Flowers

Sunrises (Another beach trip.  I love the mornings.)

Sunsets (This was from one of Marks trips he took with Beaux and a few others)

Snow scenes (One of the rare snow scenes around here.  Glad I got this shot.  So beautiful)

Even all of those beautiful things are NOTHING compared to what I was reading about in Gods word.  We cant even imagine the beauty really.  Jasper of so many colors, gold so perfect its transparent....  Whaaaa?  Blues of sapphires, bright colors of agate, greens of emerald, shiny onxy, reds of rubies, greens and golds of chrysolite, sparkles of beryl and topaz, beautiful turquoise, reds of jacinth, purple amethysts, and GINORMOUS PEARLS!

Can we even imagine the beauty?

I love beautiful things.