Friday, June 24, 2016

Amazingly Beautiful Sequoia National Park

 As we were making our way to Sequoia National Park we began to see sights like this.

We began to climb.  Then the sights became like this.

We drove the winding road up and around, up and around, up and around. Then we began to see the beautiful Sequoias.  Once we started to see them, I decided to get a few pictures (of course).  So I rolled the window down.  Two things happened immediately.  First a blast of very cool air breezed into the vehicle.  Which was surprising as at the bottom of the winding road it was pretty warm.  And then the second most amazing thing happened.  With the sweep of cool air came the unmistakable fragrance of the Sequoias.  I had no idea that I would experience that.  I will never forget it.  As soon as I took it in, my eyes got HUGE and I looked over at Todd and almost yelled, "DO YOU SMELL THAT?!"  It was so cool.  I absolutely loved the smell of that forrest.

We continued up and as we did the trees got larger and larger.  As a matter of fact you cannot imagine how big they were.  (See that tiny person?)

 And these were not even the biggest.

 We just couldnt get over it.  And once again we just couldnt quit looking.

 It was just beautiful up there.

This is our rent car with Todd inside.

We really enjoyed Gods beauty here.  We enjoyed the sounds which were so peaceful.  We enjoyed the smells. We enjoyed each other together out in what I called "Gods country".
In this last picture Todd was looking for bears.  We had seen a sign indicating that there may be some present and we really wanted to see one.  ----Little did we know...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Moved To Tears

 We got to enjoy very much, some more of Gods beauty as we continued our drive.

 Ok confession time.  I hereby confess that as we drove and I continually saw such beautiful sights as these,  I was moved to tears.  Like real, wipe them away tears.  As a matter of fact Todd looked over at me once and noticed my tears and thought someone had texted me some bad news or something.  He wondered and asked me what was wrong.  I just said "It's so beautiful" sniff sniff...   I know, I'm so weird...

These were everywhere out there, and huge.

We drove through the Mohave Desert for a while.  Miles and miles of this.

and nothing else...

It was so neat just heading off exploring.  Even if it did stress me out when I wasn't so sure where we were going to end up.  But Todd did great and got us to each destination as planned.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hoover Dam

 The closer we got to Hoover Dam, the more beautiful the drive.  Honestly I had thought before we got there that this stop would be more for Todd.  He was really looking forward to it so I really wanted him to get to see it.  But that was about the extent of my interest.

As we drove over that bridge he was getting more excited.  The curvy road right after that- up and up and up was interesting and enjoyable.  Then when we got where we could see a bit from the car, I thought I would have to make him stop and let me drive.  :)

Once we got inside it was far more interesting than I thought it would be.

Todays fun fact:  This floor.  As a matter of fact, the entire floor inside is made of Granite mixed with concrete.  It is the original floor and has been there since the beginning in 1931.  Someone donated it at the time and now would be worth millions.

Once we got outside it was far more beautiful than I knew it would be.

We enjoyed it so much, once again-  we stayed there longer than we thought we would.

We finally did get on our way, leaving very thankful that we got to experience it.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Sights Unseen

 As we left the gorgeous Gand Canyon we saw sights like this.  It was so cool.  Certainly not sights I've seen before.

Just on the side of the road!

Another interesting fact... As we drove (and drove) we moved from one land formation to another.  The mountains were so pretty everywhere I looked.  And I could not stop looking.  And telling Todd to look.  Then, remembering that he WAS driving and he should not look at every single thing I thought was beautiful or interesting...  Anyway the most interesting thing was that there would be mountains like these, all rocky.

Then you drive a while and you would start to see trees mixed in.

 Then drive a while and maybe just more dirt and no green.

 Then drive a while.  Did I mention we did a lot of DRIVING? and you would see rock with trees sticking out of the rock.

As you notice, I did lots of picture taking straight from the window of the vehicle.  I finally had to tell myself to stop taking pictures from the moving car.  = blurry pictures!  But I just couldnt help myself.  If we would have had time I would have stopped every 15 minutes for a photo shoot!  #ilovepictures

 The drive from the Grand Canyon to Nevada was the most beautiful ever.  I am so glad we got to do this and I will never forget Gods beauty we saw.

We went in to Las Vegas and got to see Blue Man Group.  We couldnt take any pictures there but really enjoyed the show.  It is so crazy how they can do an entire show and never once speak a word. It was fun and enjoyable.  So glad we did that.  As a matter of fact if not for that show I dont think we would say we really enjoyed Las Vegas at all.  The driving was crazy!  There were sooooo many people.  I wondered if that was what New York was like.  We didnt stay in a place where we were in walking distance of things.  (Mistake)  Parking=Impossible  So all of that sorta dampered the rest, but Blue Man Group was great.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


It's ME!  I'M BACK!!
Yea, it's been a while.
But HEY, now I have something to blog about so here I go.
A few weeks ago this guy came home from work one day and brought the mail in.  We received an invitation that day to our nieces wedding shower out of town.  When I read the date of it, I mentioned that it was on our anniversary.  June 4th.  He said, "Then we cant go."  I looked at him like he was nuts and said "We can't go because its our anniversary?!  He just had this weird look and silence... So I said "Are we going somewhere?!"  He was tight lipped for a bit but a few days later he decided to let me play 20 questions and tell me the surprise he had planned for me for our anniversary.  And what a huge surprise it was!  So we recently flew out to Phoenix, Arizona.  And let me first say Arizona has GOT to be the MOST beautiful place in the United States!  From there we rented a car and started our drive.  And I do mean DRIVE!  I absolutely LOVED the drive from Phoenix to the GRAND CANYON!  I am always telling Todd how I've almost never been anywhere but Florida.  Well, he fixed that!
Fact of the day:  I know that I have NEVER used the word WOW so much in all my life.
This is why...

 Do you see the tiny tiny people of the top of that????

I think (I think) this is my favorite picture.

When we first walked up to see our first view of the canyon, it was basically breathtaking.  Todd was telling me how when he was a kid and was there that he didn't remember all the railings we saw and explained that it was just drop offs right down into the canyon.

I said "No way.  Are you sure?"  He assured me of that.  As we hiked around and saw much more of the canyon we pretty quickly saw many many places where it just dropped off.  You could just continue walking and fall down down down.  That was crazy to me.  Of course it also makes complete sense.  I mean no fence will go all the way around the entire canyon!  hehehe  But having never seen it I just didn't realize.  Its nothing you can really imagine without seeing it.

It was so beautiful to look at.  We really hadn't planned on spending quite so much time there.  But I just couldn't quit looking and looking.  We ended up taking a bus tour that took us to different spots where we would get off and hike around.  Then get back on and go around a little further and get off again to do a little more exploring.  There was this crazy heat wave while we were there.  It was 108 degrees!  Yea it was hot.  And true it was without our humidity but 108 is still HOT ya'll!  HOT  As a matter of fact we about dehydrated doing all our exploring.   When we got back to the Visitor Center we asked to purchase bottled water.  To which they replied.  "Oh we do not sell bottled water anywhere here."  I gave the guy a crazed look and said "WHY?" Crazy people will throw the empty bottles all over, even down the canyon.  BUT  they did sell plastic containers that you can get fresh spring water straight out of the canyon and fill them with it.  Thats what we did and it was great.

Ok just a few more for good measure!
And one piece of advice.  If you've never been, GO.

More vacation blogs to come.

Thank you Lord and Todd for this experience!  I am blessed.