Monday, February 24, 2014

Remembering Church, Red Lobster, & Salvation

When I was a little girl I loved to go to church on Sundays with a friend named Cathy and her family.  They went to this really big church and it was fun to go with them.  I would always make sure that I had enough room on the pew where we were sitting to leave room for my imaginary daughter.  I would play "Mama" and make sure my "daughter" behaved while we were in church.  I liked that.  But I especially liked after church because we always went to Red Lobster for lunch.  Most Sundays during that time period are remembered that way, except for this one Sunday in particular.  This one was a little different.  I remember it pretty clearly.  I am not sure exactly how old I was but I think I was probably 7ish.  I was there with my friend Cathy, her brother Quintin and their parents.  (Or maybe just their mom.  Their dad worked out of the country as I recall at some point.  I think Peru. So he may or may not have been with us.)  There was a young preacher bringing the message that morning.  I can almost picture him.  He was dark headed, thin, and clean cut.  As a matter of fact Dr. Adrian Rogers was the Pastor at that very church starting in 1972 which would have been the right time frame, if my facts are correct.  However, I do not remember the preachers name so there is no way to really know.  But it very well could have been him.  (That's pretty cool!)  Anyway, in between making sure  my "daughter" was paying attention, I began hearing what he was saying.  I know that he talked about Jesus being the Savior, and how all you had to do was believe.  He said if you did that, He would "come into your heart" and be the Lord of your life.  Before the message that captured my attention was over, Cathy and I started whispering about the fact that we believed and maybe we should go down and pray with the preacher about all of it.  When the preacher opened the altar call, my friend said "I'll go if you'll go."  So down the aisle we went.  When we made it ALL THE WAY DOWN and the nice suited man asked us why we were there, Cathy said "I'm just with her." pointing to me.  She promptly turned around and went back to her seat.  That scared me at first.  But when I thought about it a second I realized that I really did come down that aisle for a reason.  So I told the preacher that I believed.  He talked to me for a minute and then he asked me to go into the hall with this very nice lady.  We walked out into the hall and she talked to me for a few minutes.  She asked me a few questions to make sure I knew what I was doing, and then prayed with me, having me repeat after her.  On the "Amen" she looked at me wide eyed and said  "Now, do you know where Jesus is?"  At that moment you might think I had a wonderfully 7 or 8 year olds spiritual answer.  However, honestly I fully expected at that moment to see Jesus himself walking down that hall.  I totally looked around to see if I could see him.  With my own eyes wide, I whispered, "Where?"  She smiled and very sweetly said "In your heart."  I will always remember that.  I think somehow that has always helped me to know that He is not down the hall, around the corner, far away up in heaven, or away from me at all.   I don't need to stretch my neck to look for Him because He is right here with me, so close as my heart.

After that prayer we walked back into the large sanctuary and stood at the front of the church.  Apparantly others were listening that day as I was.  Many gave their hearts to the Lord that day.  Praise God.  I remember a whole line of people-men, women, and children, lined across the front of that sanctuary.  Me right there with them.  I was near the end of the left side.  I remember that my daddys aunt came through the line hugging my neck.  My most vivid memory though about that part was, Are you ready?  I had to potty so bad that I thought if we didnt get this over with soon I was sure to have wet pants. 

As I recall Red Lobster was especially good that Sunday. :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Louisiana Winter

 One of my Christmas gifts from Mickey was a little chocolate chip cookie mix thingy.  One weekend while Avery was here we made it together.  She took pictures!  :)   It was really good.  We sliced it up into a bite for everybody.  Now I am using the cast iron mini pan for a spoon rest.  Thanks Mic!

 So as I have mentioned before one of the things we enjoy doing together as a family lately is UNO.
 Here Avery is helping Josh.  But she can play her own hand pretty well.  Cool learning game for kids.  Colors Numbers Matching, Following directions...  And FUN!

These are a couple more picture from our recent snow storm.  (Which sounds really weird...)
 The cardinals were everywhere and looked so pretty on the snow.

Today I am home again from school/work.  This time it is ice. (No pictures)   Icicles everywhere, Heavy low tree limbs, and white beauty.  It dripping now.  Thankfully we never lost power.  I am warm and cozy inside starting to make lunch for my sweetheart who had to go out and work in this.  :(

I hope he has these coveralls from the snow with him.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Snow Storm

I cannot believe we had a winter storm!  This is crazy.  It has been so long since we have seen snow here.  
Here is Todd making a snow ball with no gloves.  CRAZY

 The wind blew the snow right up under the carport and all onto the cars.

 I dont think these vehicles have ever seen this before.  As a matter of fact I know for sure the Camry hasnt!

These are the roads!!!!!!!  (Stay home)

 Footprints in the sand.  I mean SNOW!  Whaaaa?????
 A little chilly, a little chilly.

I thought this was pretty.  It is in my yard.

When we got back from our outdoor adventure, I found this on the patio!  He is so sweet.

This is a sight not seen in my kitchen often.  
Everyone is like "I have had enough of this."  But as for me.  I like it.  I think I could live where there is regular snow.  Now that is if I didnt have to drive in ice and stuff.  But if I could drive safe and had a fireplace.  I think I could do it.  I would still love going to the beach on vacation of course.  :) 
Happy Snow Storm yall!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Birthday Photo Overload!

 Our Little Miss Avery turned 6 years old!  Sooooo  we celebrated!!!
 She wanted her birthday party to be at Bayou Gymnastics and thats where it was.
 She enjoyed it very much.

We all did.
 Even the BIG kids.  That does say "Just For Kids" right?????
 More big kids!  Good shot, Bram!

Thats Josh coming down the slide.

 Of course there were the regular jugglers.   (Thats Avery's teacher on the right) So sweet of her to come.

 These are Averys friends Ki Ki and Jo Jo.  They visit her regularly.  Very sweet girls.


 Uncle Josh got the hula hoop!

Uncle Mark gave it a try.

We enjoyed our celebration.

We cant believe she is 6 though.

Goodness gracious!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Duncan Park

Avery loves when Mark and Paige are around.  She was tickled when they showed up at the park a few weekends ago and even happier that they took her suggestion and brought Bella along.

Paige thought Bella wanted to swing.   So Mark took care of it.

 She loves that dog of hers.

I thought it would be sweet and fun to swing with Todd.  In this shot I thought Todd and I both were looking at the camera.  Then I would have a sweet picture of the fun we had swinging...


When I looked at the shot I saw the actuality of the situation.  He was actually looking up at the chain as if to see if it was going to HOLD!  When I saw the picture I showed it to him and asked him what it was all about...

He said "I was looking up to see if it was going to hold."

 Good thing we moved on from the swings to the rock climbing wall.

He loves to CONQUER!

This is much tougher now that Mark is tall.

It was easier this way.

It is kinda strange being at the park with your son who is now an adult and your grand daughter.  I remember so clearly being there with Mark and Averys mommy, and Josh, okay and lots of other kids too.  We brought along Hot Dogs, KoolAid KoolBursts, and Oatmeal Cream Pies and such.  Those were the days. :)