Friday, July 23, 2010

Two Posts in One

UPDATE: My husband just informed me of an error in this post. I do not know how it is that he is just now informing me of this because he most definitely is addicted to my blog and checks it for updates daily, sometimes hourly I am sure. LOL Anyway he did mention to me that I described the "Wonderful Saturday" that I had with Casey and Avery. OK well it SEEMED like a Saturday. It was however a Thursday! So there is my correction thanks to my husband. Now on with the--


First of all, I wanted to show you this.That is Avery and her mommy wearing their matching Aprons! Isn't is the cutest?! I just love them. And even more than I love the aprons, I love the idea behind them. My beautiful and sweet friend Calley and her husband (our Pastor) Danny have decided to adopt a child from Peru. It is extremely expensive to do this so Calley is making these aprons and selling them to earn a little money for that. This family has such a big heart and is so excited to make room for another little one. We are excited for them. So if you want to help go order an apron! Go to her Etsy Site "Happyasalark" Or if that doesnt work for ya, just let me know and I will let her know!

Next I wanted to tell you about the wonderful Saturday I had with my beautiful daughter and her beautiful daughter!Ok I just have to say it again! Arent they beautiful! :)

Casey got us tickets for Storytime Live in Monroe. I was definitely up for it. Avery was pretty excited. Can you tell. I can tell you I most certainly do not watch enough cartoons with my grand daughter. I did not know pretty much any of these characters except of course, DORA, who Avery introduced me to some time ago.

Avery did really good. Especially since this was not a quick show. She wasnt really into sitting in her chair watching the whole time. She did that some but what she wanted to do was get up and DANCE! So that is just what she did. As a matter of fact it looks to me as if she was looking at us here thinking "Why are you two just sitting there? Let's dance!" :)
I was soooooooo glad Casey picked up my camera for this shot. I am thinking I may have a new facebook profile photo!
And I am pretty sure this face says "THANK YOU, THAT WAS FUN!"
It was a day full of good fun, good conversation, and lots of love.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random shots

This is the last post from our family vacation!

I have some random photos that I wanted to post so here they are.

I thought this shot of Josh was interesting.

This tree was outside our room.

When we told Todd this truck was in the ocean he didnt believe us. Each afternoon it would drive out and get the jet skis, I guess... Strange looking.
This is a group of BP folks who were there cleaning up the beaches. There were lots of them down the beach from us but none where we were.
Some of those birds that made me laugh.

This was our Condo in Biloxi.

This was some of the landscaping there.
This is basically what the beach looked like until we got out there.
So that's it. Vacations are over and back to work for me next week.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Farm Day

On our way home from the beach the guys went to Baton Rouge so Josh could get his laptop for college and Mark could get an iphone 4 since Charlie pushed him in the pool at the condo without warning. -as Mark put it another iphone bit the dust! Woo, that was NOT our funnest moment of the trip!

The girls and Poppa did not go to Baton Rouge. We decided to do something much more fun. We went through Brookhaven to take Avery to see her beloved Gigi and Paps. Although it took us FOREVER to get there because we got LOST! Poppa finally found it with a little help from Casey's iphone. We visited with them for a few minutes telling them about our trip and then for the grand finale we went to see Uncle Cris who is Bill's brother. Some also call him Uncle Wayne. His real name is Wayne but got nicknamed Cris, short for Criswell. We call him Uncle Cris. He has ANIMALS! Lots of animals. I dont know how in the world he and Aunt Betty keep up with all of these critters. Avery was beyond excited!

Frist we saw the dogs who were yelping and jumping. she yelped and jumped right back at them grinning and waving her arms.
Then there were chickens. We didnt get to touch them but got a quick look.

On to the goats. In this picture it looks like the goat is saying "Oh goodness, whats that kid doing here?" They were so cute and Avery loved chasing them. Of course she could never catch them. But Uncle Cris did. The babies were inside the shed or barn or whatever you call it. Anyway we got to go in and see them too. How sweet.

That's not all. There were rabbits too! All big and white with pink ears and eyes!
Not only did they have ANIMALS, they also had fruit trees. There were pear trees, and fig trees, and peach trees. Avery spent a few minutes picking peaches that smelled wonderful. Gigi got us a bag to put them in so we could bring them home to eat. Unfortunately we went back to Gigi and Paps before we left and the bag remained on the table. :(

It was really hot and no breeze off the ocean either. But we had a good visit.

This is Todds parents Linda and Bill, and Bills brother Wayne, or Uncle Cris as we call him, and Aunt Betty. Another family photo of sorts! :) Bill is 79 and Cris is 82. Can you believe he does all that at 82? Good for him!

After Paps gave Avery a pretty flower, there were bye bye kisses and off we went.
I mean really, who wants to go buy laptops and Iphones when you could be making memories?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Family Photos

So like I said they did agree to all dress alike and go out to the beach for family photos. I personally would have liked to get more but I didnt want to push my luck. The first picture was great. Avery was even looking toward the camera. Only one problem, someone is missing. Oh yea that is when I was behind the camera and setting up the shot. If only I had brought Jami with me then we could have all been in the shot. Of course, again, since we were basically the ONLY people on the beach there was no one else to ask to get the shot for us. Not that the boys would have been ok with me asking someone anyway. :)

My favorite is the one I put as my blog header, (even though Avery is looking at "her beach" instead of the camera) but this ran a close second. I had a hard time deciding. Which would you have chosen? Did I make the wrong choice?

I liked this one too but I really wanted the sand dunes in the shot. I am too picky I guess.

I think I got some GREAT shots of the Reeves family! Arent they sweet?

For some reason I really like this candid shot. REALLY REALLY LIKE IT-

We did these the last day so when we were finished we went back to the Condo to finish packing up and head home. While we were waiting on Casey and Todd to get the last of the things we took the three crabs that Avery had in her bucket and returned them to their home. I LOVE THIS LAST PICTURE!

When we finally left, we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for lunch. We were all still dressed alike! I figured they would think we were like the Duggars! They did ask us if we were going to take pictures. If I had brought my camera in the restaurant I would insert a picture here of Josh going down the slide in the Play Land with Avery. Awwwww.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Biloxi Again

One day during our vacation everyone but Nonna and Avery went Jet Skiing. We watched them from our Condo window. We knew it was them since NO ONE else was on the beach. Just us! (Pretty much)

While they had fun doing that, we had our own fun.
Avery loved pushing the buttons on the elevators. Todd would always tell her if she pushed the right button we would "get to her beach" or "find her mama". She always did push the right button.
It was so cute each time we got off the elevator she would work her nerve up to walk across the crack. She would sneak up very close to it then she would finally take a big step over, being careful not to touch the crack.

Avery discovered this Mickey Mouse and once she did, each time we went down from our Condo she would look for him and visit him a second before moving on.

I love this picture of her.
There was a room with a pool table so the guys got to enjoy that. I played a game too as a matter of fact. The only bad thing was they had to leave at 10 pm. The boys weren't thrilled with that rule.
Ok, the next post will be the FAMILY PHOTOS! Yes they allowed me to do some. They werent happy about it of course but they obliged. I didnt get a great one but I got one. So wait for it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Biloxi Mississippi

We took a family vacation to the beach this year regardless of the Oil Spill. We thought our best bet for missing the tar balls/oil was Biloxi so that is where we went. The beach was fine. Despite the fact that we were nearly the only family on the beach, which was really weird, we did have a good time there. We saw a few "tar balls". I didnt get a picture of one. What was I thinking?? I did however get lots of pictures of plenty more stuff.

At Averys first sight of the beach she pointed and said emphatically "My Beach!" As soon as we got to our Condo and half way settled in we got her suit on and off we went. At the very first feeling of the sand on her feet she was sorta freaked out. She kinda wrinkled her brow and griped a little. But after she got used to it she was up and running. She LOVED digging and dumping the sand into the water.

Once we were in the ocean she would point out into the water and say "Go Mama Go" She wanted to walk way out into the water. It was really shallow really far into the water and she wanted to just keep walking out.

One afternoon Josh got a chicken sandwich and some fries and brought it out to the beach while we were out there. The birds gathered around for crumbs. Josh decided to feed them which caused quite a stir. Actually it caused some tears on my part. I laughed so hard I cried at Josh and Charlie feeding the birds and then RUNNING from them. I am shocked that I got any decent pictures since I was laughing so hard and crying while taking the pictures. Avery loved it.
She tried hard to catch one but they were much too quick. She would shake a finger at them saying "Stay bird stay."

Watching them feed those birds was one of the funnest parts of this trip.

More than once when I was out there with Avery she would be playing and digging and having the best time, and then all of the sudden she would just start walking back to the condo. I asked her where she was going and she would say "Find Mama Dada". So in this case, after snapping a quick picture, I hustled myself up, grabbed our things, caught up with her, and back to the condo we went.

So thats all the photos for today but more to come.