Monday, November 30, 2009

Phew and Praise the Lord

Today Todd had to go to the doctor for a checkup. 2 weeks ago he went for a physical so that he could get his CDL renewed so that he could continue to be able to drive the church bus. Well his blood pressure was too high for the doctor to pass him on his physical. Today 2 weeks later after taking medication he had to return.

Now rewind to last night.

So off to sweet sleep I went and at some point this dream began.


Okay so then I woke up. My heart was beating out of my chest. I was breathing heavy. It was so stressful. Good thing the doctor wasn't taking my blood pressure at that point.

Does anyone think I had any sort of subconcious (or maybe not so subconscious) fear that I wouldnt be able to handle things alone and that it would be such a struggle if something happened to my sweetie? Yea me too.

I was kinda bothered (a little bit) by that dream all morning. Especially when his appointment was at 9:15 but he decided to go on in a little early like 8:30 (against my advice) 'just in case they could go on and get him in.' And he didnt get out of there until noon!

So I guess you know how great I felt when his blood pressure was fine, his kidney was fine (He only has one), and blood work wasnt necessary because everything else looked so good. Phew! No blood work = Todd remaining conscious. :)

**Insert info--The last time Todd had bloodwork he passed out. Turns out he has a disorder or condition or whatever you call it where if he passes out he has an exaggerated pause in his heart. Therefore his heart will stop. He had to be revived and was a big deal that we do not want to revisit!

I am praising God this evening and breathing a sigh of relief. Again so thankful to God for taking care of us. I think I will have a little more restful night tonight.

Proverbs 3:24 - When you like down you will not be afraid. When you lie down your sleep will be sweet.

Maybe I will even have a happier less stressful dream, ya think?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Great Days

I have enjoyed my time off from school. Cant believe its almost time to go back. Man it really flies by. I certainly had a good time while it lasted though and got quite a bit done too. Of course we had our Thanksgiving meal which was wonderful. We missed Mark but were glad he had a nice restful day duck hunting. We played with Avery outside which she thoroughly enjoyed.
With a little help from Avery Grace we got to work.
She took it quite seriously.
She kept picking up ornaments and saying "Ooooh"
And after a bit I got my tree up.
Perfected my tree topper.
Made a wreath, thanks to Maries Trees!
and did a little decorating. I have more of that to do. But this was a good start.
I Almost finished shopping, AND wrapping too.

We played a little with the newest member of the family.
He wasnt quite as thrilled as his mommy was with this little getup.
It made us laugh though.

So once again we had a great time together. I have to admit that I am a little sad that this week is almost over. But before I know it I will be off again. What a wonderful time of year.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not Exactly As Planned

Some days dont go just like you planned. Ever notice that? Today was one of those days for me. I will tell you about one of the things that made today a little bit atypical. There were many things to do and I was busy getting it all done one thing at a time. Next on my agenda was to take a quick trip to Natchez to pick up a surprise Birthday Cake for the sweetest man in the world who happens to also be my husband. So off I went. I was driving towards Natchez and in the rear view window I noticed a Jaguar (or what I thought was one) coming up on me really fast. I wondered what in the world he was doing. He did not slow at all and I had to gun my engine to keep him from ramming me from behind. He then slowed down for a second but then very quickly sped back up, (like in the movies) and veered around to the left of me. There was traffic in the right lane beside me so I could not get over away from him and he swiped all down the side of my car knocking my mirror and scraping all down my beautiful silver camry. (Which is no longer quite so beautiful). I was shocked. I think I even said out loud, "No he didnt"! But he did indeed. That though is not the end of the story. As he bounced off of my car he traveled into the oncoming lane of traffic and headed THE WRONG WAY onto the BRIDGE heading from Natchez. I was so upset and shocked. I was trying to call 911 to alert someone, but of course by the time I even got my hands on my phone the collisions had already taken place. I pulled off the highway and parked. I called the police in tears explaining the situation. Turns out this mans blood sugar had bottomed out and he was completely out of it. He hit someone head on, on the bridge which I am told subsequently caused 3 crashes behind his. I am not sure but I think he may be the only one who was transported to the hospital from the crashes. Thank God for that.

So no today did not go as planned.

I gave my husband a call to which I was not planning on crying so I didnt freak him out. Well that did not go as planned either. LOL He asked me where I was and through tears (and of course letting him know I was fine) I told him and he said "I am on the way." What a wonderful guy I have. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS feel better when something happens, after talking to him. He just makes things better. I thank God for him.

The surprise of the cake came out since he did ask me where I was going when this happened. So tonight (a day early) {which also was not part of todays plan} we ate some of this delicious birthday cake.

Now this is not your typical birthday post either but you know that's just how today came about. I can tell you though that I can think of no one I would rather say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to right now than this guy.

This guy that I married 26 years 5 months and 3 weeks ago. In this picture he is giving the thumbs up after we were married and walking back down the isle. I am here to tell you that every day since that one he has made me feel like he still feels that way about us. THUMBS UP!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest man I know that is ALL SMILES most ALL the time.

Man do I love him.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lots of Not Me's

I could not pass up a Not Me post this week because so many not me's did not happen to me! So here are mine.

While walking down the hall at work to pick up something from a classroom, this conversation absolutely most definitely DID NOT take place with one of our janitors:
So, right, that SO did not happen.

I did not have 3 parents come in my office at once leaving things for their children and call the wrong student for a flower arrangement for Home Ec class. The student I called in for it did not look at me like I was crazy because the flowers did not belong to her nor did she take Home Ec. I did not explain to her that her mom told me about an incident that had taken place that morning at her house. She did not continue to look at me as though I needed major medication since nothing of the sort happened at her house that morning. I am not beginning to wonder about the medication thing. Not Me

I did not attempt to return a call to my daughter this week but as the phone was ringing - All of the sudden my office was overladen with people and tasks to do so when her voice mail answered I did not leave a very hard to understand super fast message not even leaving my name and hang up. Not me. I have plenty of time to do leisurly relaxing tranquil things at any given moment in my office. Yep.

I did not have someone be completely rude to me on the phone during the week because they could not speak to a teacher during class. I did not then call back the number on the caller ID and ask to speak to a supervisor to report the rudeness! (It was a business call). The person who just spoke to me (Or one with exactly the same voice) did not answer the phone. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the SAME person did not say "Hold On" and then come back to the phone herself and act like she was the supervisor. (Or it could have been somebody else with exactly the same voice.) That did not happen and it did not stress me out.

I did not have so many large deposits Friday that were so heavy in the bag that when I picked it up, the plastic piece on the handle of the bag did not slice into my hand leaving it a bloody mess and it's not still sore.

I did not make way too much food for supper tonight because Todd is always telling me I cook too much. I did not way overdo it and I am not still hoping some of Joshuas friends show up to eat it so it isnt wasted!

and Last but not least I did not take some great Christmas Pictures of Avery Grace this weekend!

Proof Positive

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well That Was Different

Years ago on a that special day we would all load up in the vehicle, sometimes with an extra kid or two in tow and drive out to Bobo's way outside of Natchez. The smell of pine trees and the cool air told the tale of why we were there. Video camera in my hand and a bow saw in Todds. The children all snuggled up in hats and scarves, the search would begin. Everyone had an opinion about which tree to pick, and we took it all in. There were kids running here and there. Sometimes dogs were barking and running too. We would laugh and explore. A choice would finally be made by all. Casey would sing Silent Night and we would watch while Daddy sawed the tree down as Mark yelled Timber. The boys loved the "shaking machine" that emptied the tree of loose pine needles. Then finally Todd would tie the tree to the vehicle and off to the house we would go. Crank up the Christmas music or a holiday movie and the decorating began. I love those memories.

I had to add this picture. You do not know how much Casey wanted that outfit! It was a "Must Have"! -From the Beret to the socks! And I have no idea what Josh is doing in the window???Well anyway, this year it went a little differently. For the last several years we have had an artificial tree. I cant remember how many years. I think it began when we got new carpet which is long gone now. But last year Josh put the tree up for me after Christmas and it never got put up the way I would have done it. It wasnt sealed off. I am a little bit of a perfectionist. I think I get that from my daddy. Anyway, the lights hadnt worked perfectly the last two years. Its a pre lit tree. So for those two reasons I decided I probably wouldnt use it this year. When Mark called and said he needed a tree for his house in Ruston, that sealed the deal. So Todd took him the artificial tree. I decided that I didnt want the trees at the Christmas Tree Farm to get all picked through and we would do something we hadnt done before. That was go and tag a tree early, to return and pick it up closer to Christmas.So in the upper 70 degree weather and gorgeous sunshine Todd and I, went out on a mission. Just the two of us. No scarves, no gloves, no children, no saw, and no video camera, but a camera of course. We two searched out the perfect tree for us and tagged it. We will go pick it up sometime Thanksgiving week. Maybe it will be cooler then, I hope. So even though there were none of the things we were used to while choosing a tree, we still enjoyed it. After we pick it up there is certain to still be Christmas Carols or "It's A Wonderful Life" playing in the background while it gets decorated for the most glorious season of the year.

Soon my tree will be up and sparkling with color, telling the tale of Jesus birth to all who see it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poppa and Poppa and Avery

Well apparently I am not going to get to see Miss Avery this weekend, so I might as well blog about the last time I saw her. :)

Let's see, The sweet little family came down to see Poppa and Nonna. Hard as I tried she would only say Poppa and Poppa, instead of Poppa and Nonna! Or, when I would ask her to say Nonna, she would shake her head no. :( Now, just so you know, she CAN say it. She just chooses not to, to my dismay! :)

While they were here Casey and Charlie knew exactly where to get their nephew Bram an LSU birthday present! "Hometown Sports" which also just happens to be where Josh works! So off to see Uncle Josh at his job. What is really funny is, this kid loves that place. To the point that once we are in there, she never wants to leave. She fusses when we have to. So is it that she just loves hanging out with Uncle Josh? Or is it the abundance of LSU items they have in stock? Either way she had a good time in there.

Here she is helping to wrap Brams gift.

It was a beautiful weekend and we spent some time outside. She loves the trampoline, and the swing, and exploring.

Just so happened she had another FIRST. First time to see a lizard. She watched it and pointed to it. It was neat to watch her watching it and seeing her squeals of excitement as it ran away after discovering her.

We had a great weekend with her and will miss her this weekend, you know unless we cant handle it and make a drive to her house. I mean look at this kid.Can we make it a weekend without seeing her? Anybody want to open a mortgage company or something like it in the Natchez Vidalia area? I know a good couple with smarts that can work for you. I will be more than glad to give up my wonderful job to become their daycare. Anyone?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Whose Birthday?

Well I did a blog for my sister, then my brother in September and one for Casey, my wonderful daughter in October. Now it's November and guess whose birthday it is. MY MOM. So here is her birthday blog. Mom-Grab a tissue cause you know you are gonna need one. She IS where I get my emotion gene from. :)

So where do I start with my mom? Gosh how do I write this without it sounding all sappy and mushy and stuff? But I do love my mom.

Right from the start she was such a good mom. While she was pregnant with me there were complications. She had lost my brother previously and was headed in that direction again when the doctor did a cervical cerclage which was pretty groundbreaking in the 60's I'm sure. Then he put her on strict bed rest. There she stayed for the duration. I don't remember how long that was but I know it was quite some time. What a trooper. She endured and gave birth to what the Memphis newspapers call "A Miracle Baby"! That's me!!! :0)
She was always interested and showed she cared. She always made sure I got what I needed and even a bunch I just wanted. I remember shopping with her as a teen and enjoying it. I guess I could blame her for enjoying shopping so much now. Just ask her, I can shop and never drop. Let me tell you. --Her fault. :)

I remember when daddy wouldn't let Todd and me get married while I was still in high school. (I mentioned that in Caseys birthday post.) {Daddy was right by the way.} Anyway, back to the post at hand. I just cried and cried when all of that happened and mom was so sweet. She was so sad for me because she knew how upset I was. She handled it wonderfully.I remember a drawer she kept in her room. It was full of clippings from newspapers, articles... showing the signs of Christ's return. Over the years I watched her gentle faith and saw how it ended up being inspiring to my dad, and to me as well. [Excuse me while I get a tissue].

My mom never has a harsh word, well except for that one time when I was a little kid and some other MEAN kid pushed me onto the concrete scraping a good portion of the flesh from the side of my face; and my brother kicked her or something for it - Thanks Johnny, and the mean kids mom came to complain about Johnny and Mom let her have it (In her loving Mother bear sort of way). Thanks Mom. I don't think she remembers that, but I do.

My mom is completely giving, trusting, loving, gentle, and faithful. I am so blessed to be called her daughter. I only wish you all could have a mother so wonderful as her. Sorry, she's taken. Happy Birthday Mom, and Many More.

Monday, November 2, 2009


As a church body in the past, we haven't done anything on October 31st. We do not celebrate Halloween for all that it entails. You can do your own research there. Normally Todd and I "hide out" in the back of the house and leave the lights off so that we do not have to disappoint little goblins and ghosts by telling them we don't have any candy.

This year we did something different. There was a Hallelujah Night with the kids at church.
Thankfully Brother Paul got the lights working outside for the fun. Moses, I mean Todd did a nice job holding the ladder.

We had a hay ride

Cupcake walks

Hidden prizes in a huge haystack

games, Painting

A bon fire

Pizza and lots of fun.

Some dressed as Bible Characters.
There were some very creative and cute costumes.The little ones still loved Todd, even if he did look a lot like Moses.
For one I enjoyed not being "hidden out" because I don't get into Halloween. It was so GREAT to celebrate JESUS instead, and share HIS love.