Monday, September 27, 2010


Just wanted to jump over here a second to show you a few tidbits.

First of all Tance over at Southern Designs brought me my wall vinyl today! I love it. I have been waiting to finish up that room. I had to take a picture of it just because I was so excited to have it on the wall! Nice huh?

Now all I need is a frame for my green door painting. Have I mentioned the Green Door before? Well when I get a frame for it maybe I will tell you about it. (Not a big deal by the way, but I will make you wait for it.) :) I couldnt get the frame this weekend because Hobby Lobby was closed on Sunday! I think I may just go on over to Diannes Frame Shop. I just thought I could save a few bucks getting it at Hobby Lobby. Oh well.

Even though Hobby Lobby was closed Sunday I still got to get to Pier One. I got those frames that were on sale and that green candle. I am going to get a few more pops of green to go with it. Just for a little spice!Those are my black and white photographs I took. The frames are floating frames from Pier One. They are glass. You can tell if you look close you can see the baseboards through them. And those are my new FLOORS! -- "Smile"
I found the blue vase. Or well, what do you really call that blue thing with the Fleur de lis on top? Avery helped me pick that out. She and I went into Lee Michaels while Poppa and Casey stayed in Wing Stop getting Charlie some supper. She loved shopping in there looking at all the pretty stuff. She had a great time and was sooooo good in there. I was a proud Nonna. When we got ready to leave, she was telling all the things she enjoyed looking at bye bye. "Bye Bye Kitty Kitty" - to the Cat on the wall. "Bye Bye Santa", "Bye Bye Clock" Not to mention she did say Bye to the salespeople. :) We had a really good time.

So the room is coming together tidbit by tidbit. Of course there is still the little matter of furniture. But you know --- tiny details...

Today was the first cool day we have had. I LOVE FALL! Honestly I really did not want to be at work today. But I endured and was really glad when it was time to go home. So today when I got home, my sweet husband had this BEAUTIFUL bouquet of fall flowers on the table waiting for me. Have I told you before he is the SWEETEST?! Of course I have. We ate a delicious steak supper and then I made chocolate chip cookies!

Life is good.

Thats enough tidbits for today. More later!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wall Art

I took these in hopes that I would be able to use some for art on my bedroom wall. I wanted black and white photos to hang on the wall. ~3 of them.~

I did use one of these(In black and white of course).I love these pictures of "Rosalie" This is the antebellum home where Casey and Charlie were married so it holds a special place for us.

I am using a shot of the bridges that turned out pretty good. I wanted one of this church so that I could have a "faith" aspect involved.

I didnt like the black and white of the church though, so it didnt make the cut. hehehe

I was trying to take pictures of things that had meaning to us or were part of our lives here for my wall art. So I ended up with a Rosalie shot, a bridge shot, and this large tree. (again of course in black and white)Not so sure about the tree, but I definitely want three shots. If you can think of something around here interesting to photograph that would have personal meaning to us that I must not have thought of then let me know. I still have time. I am waiting for a little extra money to get them framed or to frame them myself. I cant wait to finish the room.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


This was taken exactly 2 years ago today. She is wearing her little Miracle hat. :)

Today I am even more grateful for our precious miracle.

Thank you Lord.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pictures and a little News

Here are a few more pictures I took yesterday.

This is the cotton field with the levee in the background. I lived right next to the levee all through high school until I married Todd in 1983. I thought this was such a pretty picture of it. I love it when they grow cotton in that field. Much prettier than soy beans, or corn if you ask me.

This is a barge going down the river. Or is that up the river?? Todd loves watching the barges. My nephew works on one and I always wonder if it is him when we see one going by. Sometimes I holler out "Hey Adam!" I know, I know. :)

Now for some news!

My fundraiser is over that I blogged about here. Danny and Calley were very appeciative. I was very appreciative as well for all who participated by purchasing tupperware, or sharing the link. A very big THANK YOU to Nikki Glenn for doing this fundraiser and giving her profit to help the newest little Reed.

I said I was going to do a gift card giveaway to someone who made a purchase. So, now that it was all over and done with, tonight I got a winner. The winner was Diane Rice! She is such a sweet lady who has great faith in God, a wonderful mom, and person in general. She has been through a battle with cancer and handled it with much grace. I was glad she was the winner. She has proven once again that she is a great and honorable lady. She sent me a message after finding out that she had won and asked me to send the amount of the gift card to Danny and Calley as an added donation! Isn't that great. THANK YOU DIANE! May God bless you abundantly above all that you could ask or think! If you would like to learn more about Diane you can check out her blog - Life As A Survivor!

So here are the totals!
We raised just over $120 with the Tupperware sales. Diane donated her gift card which raised that total to just over $140. AND I had one HUGE blessing of $100 donation from one wonderful soul who chose not to order tupperware but donate instead. That brings our Tupperware total to just over $240 !!

Again thank you all who participated. I was blessed to be able to help in this small way. I know that Danny and Calley appreciate it; and I for one, CAN'T WAIT to meet little Miss Reed.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Todd and I had a GREAT day today. We worked on the master bedroom renovation! This is what it looked like "Before"

This is what it looked like "during".

And you are going to have to wait for the "After" photo until it is complete. Um, that could be a while. :)

I know it will be worth the wait though.

We did finish the painting today. But now we need floor as you can tell from the above photos. Then we will need furniture because it wont be quite as comfortable without a bed and Josh took a bed with him. Well actually he took an entire bedroom set. So a new one is in store since our set in now at home in his room.

So after we finished the painting my sweet husband chauffeured me around Natchez for an art project I have in mind for the room once it is finished and decorating has begun. I took lots of pictures here and there. I am hoping to use my own photography as art work for the wall. We will see how they turn out. I plan on using black and whites for the room. But these pictures I took today were much too pretty to drain all the color from. So I just decided to showcase them here. Today being September 11th I will start with this one:

This is the courtyard at Rosalie where Casey and Charlie were married.

I was really hoping to get something here that I could use although the black and white didnt show well. This particular spot has a special meaning which is why I wanted to be able to find something to photograph in black and white. It didnt work out so I decided to leave it in color. This is the area next to the parking lot where my daddy used to park his Oldsmobile. It is where Cotton's Holsum Bakery used to be and that is where my daddy worked while he lived here with me and my mom when I was in high school. The Bakery has long since been closed and the building is gone. But there is still this lovely landscape. :)Call me crazy but it sure looks like that could be my daddys shadow there on the bottom right of the photo. :) I dont know who those other peoples shadows are ?????

Anyway, after we did the photography we went out to dinner. We both had a delicious steak dinner. YUMMY!

Now at this very moment I am blogging and he is watching a race. Well actually he is flipping back and forth between the race and the LSU game.

What a wonderful day with my sweetheart.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Flashback Friday

This little kid who is surely still just that little started COLLEGE this week. Man where did the time go?

Last night we had some friends over for dinner. They have three little boys. They played so well together. It really made me remember the times when my little boys were running around climbing trees, jumping on the trampoline, pushing cars in the living room, running, jumping, and making engine noises.-- Before their mom and dad know it, they will be grown up! Believe me,


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fun with Paint

Finally we had a weekend where we got to have a little fun with little Miss Avery AND I remembered that I had a camera! It was so pretty out so we decided to be a little artistic. The weather was so nice so we went out back, sat at the picnic table, brought out the paints, paper, and brushes, put on paint clothes, and for two days in a row became artists! Colors, and paper, Concentration and careful strokes made for frame worthy artwork! (At least in Nonnas eyes) So we painted and painted. The little dog next door didnt seem to enjoy the fact that we were out back as much as we were enjoying it. Avery walked over to the fence to see what all the noise was about. Then back to her masterpiece. We had fun watching her paint and hearing her say "I love blue" or "I love yellow". She loved dipping her brush in the water and swishing it around rinsing it and making the water turn colors. (Especially her favorite - PINK)When she decided her artwork was just as it should be Nonna had another idea. So she helped me spruce up my picnic table by painting it with a larger brush and using the water we rinsed the brushes in. She like that too.
I want her to have memories of doing fun and different things at our house. We dont have horses or 4 Wheelers or lots of things that lots of others have. But what we do have is FUN so I want to make sure we have fun when Avery is with us.