Thursday, January 26, 2012

4 Years Later

Each January 21st we CELEBRATE!

Happy 4th Birthday to Avery!

You know she LOVES cupcakes.

She had lots of friends to share in the celebration.

They decorated cookies.This next picture is where Avery asked that sweet little girl - "You want spinkles? Okay I give you some spinkles." And then proceeded to dump QUITE A FEW sprinkles on her cookie, much to her delight.

She opened presents.It was so sweet. When Casey would tell her who the present was from, she thought that meant it was for them and would take it to them. She finally got the picture that they were all hers! The joys of a birthday party!

We sang Happy Birthday

And there was a cupcake pinata!

Avery had a wonderful time. We all did. Even this little incident didnt damper her day.

And what was this that Poppa was doing outside while all the festivities were happening inside?

Yep Nonna and Poppa got her a swing set. Every girl needs one in her new back yard!

He did a good job getting it together and enjoyed all the help!

Today I reflected back as I usually do around her birthday. Remembering. Thankful. Blessed.
I looked back and found my very first ever blog post. With --- gasp! Not one picture.
You can read it here. It tells of Averys arrival.




FOURTH BIRTHDAY (And just in case you didnt notice, the first birthday without a tutu)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Morning

So once again this year, we (Todd and I) ended up waking everyone up to get the Christmas Morning festivities started. These people sleep too late! We may have let them sleep in a bit more if it hadnt been a Sunday morning. We had services at 10 so we needed to make sure everyone had plenty of time to get ready for church. It was after all, His big day!

We had a good time opening gifts. Especially Avery.

This is Mark helping Josh out with his new jacket. I think Mark was impressed with it and was maybe even wishing he had asked for one himself...

This is Avery attempting to hand Mark his gift which seemed to be stuck to the floor. It was a large chain for his truck! HEAVY!! (I almost broke my foot with that heavy chain. I was getting it from the shelf in my closet to wrap. It was sliding out and down into my hands when one of the hooks which was NOT attached much to my despair, fell and landed squarely on the top of my foot which I immediately thought was broken. REAL PAIN. But other than being very colorful and painful for quite some time. THANKFULLY it was not broken.)

Once Avery opened and tried on her new rubber boots, for some reason she broke into a spontaneous dance session which we all enjoyed!

After all the gifts were opened it was time for a little cleanup. Thankfully Avery got her vacuum so she could help!

Another Christmas morning enjoyed by us all!

Oh and remember this picture?

Too bad she didnt wish that no one, especially Charlie, would have a wreck driving Todds truck on New Years Eve. Yea, too bad she didnt wish that...