Thursday, April 23, 2015


A few weeks ago we did another Neighborhood Outreach Ministry.  It was a beautiful day.

That was WONDERFUL, as the last three times we have been out there it has been cold and wet.  This was a beautiful sunny day, even though the forecast had said for a solid week before that it would most definitely, without a doubt be raining that day.  WRONG.

So there we were.

We brought soccer things, nail polish,


Activity supplies

And of course drinks, snacks, and treat bags.

We had a fantastic time.

It was great seeing some of our church there loving on them.

It's so neat building relationships with these guys.

There is this one little guy who is a bit smitten with me.

When Todd had gone out to visit before, he asked Todd if I would be there this next time.  He didn't know my name yet.  (I think he does now) but he described me as "That lady who let him knock down all those cans" Like these...

Todd told him yes I would be there.  And yes I was.  He was too, and he found me as soon as he got there. He wanted me with him where ever he went.  (Which was somewhat difficult)

He likes it when I tell him what a good job he does.  "Great shot"  "Good throw"  You can see it all in his face.  He really enjoyed when I let him take a few pictures with my camera...  Yep, he took this one of me.  Who knows maybe one day he will be a professional photographer from this beginning...

When we had our bible lesson, he wanted to sit in my lap.  I let him.

He is precious.

He always asks me when we are coming back.  As in how many days...   This time he asked me, "How come you cant come every day?"

I cant wait to see that little boy again.

Wont be long now.  Not sure how many days though.