Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Snow Storm

I cannot believe we had a winter storm!  This is crazy.  It has been so long since we have seen snow here.  
Here is Todd making a snow ball with no gloves.  CRAZY

 The wind blew the snow right up under the carport and all onto the cars.

 I dont think these vehicles have ever seen this before.  As a matter of fact I know for sure the Camry hasnt!

These are the roads!!!!!!!  (Stay home)

 Footprints in the sand.  I mean SNOW!  Whaaaa?????
 A little chilly, a little chilly.

I thought this was pretty.  It is in my yard.

When we got back from our outdoor adventure, I found this on the patio!  He is so sweet.

This is a sight not seen in my kitchen often.  
Everyone is like "I have had enough of this."  But as for me.  I like it.  I think I could live where there is regular snow.  Now that is if I didnt have to drive in ice and stuff.  But if I could drive safe and had a fireplace.  I think I could do it.  I would still love going to the beach on vacation of course.  :) 
Happy Snow Storm yall!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Birthday Photo Overload!

 Our Little Miss Avery turned 6 years old!  Sooooo  we celebrated!!!
 She wanted her birthday party to be at Bayou Gymnastics and thats where it was.
 She enjoyed it very much.

We all did.
 Even the BIG kids.  That does say "Just For Kids" right?????
 More big kids!  Good shot, Bram!

Thats Josh coming down the slide.

 Of course there were the regular jugglers.   (Thats Avery's teacher on the right) So sweet of her to come.

 These are Averys friends Ki Ki and Jo Jo.  They visit her regularly.  Very sweet girls.


 Uncle Josh got the hula hoop!

Uncle Mark gave it a try.

We enjoyed our celebration.

We cant believe she is 6 though.

Goodness gracious!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Duncan Park

Avery loves when Mark and Paige are around.  She was tickled when they showed up at the park a few weekends ago and even happier that they took her suggestion and brought Bella along.

Paige thought Bella wanted to swing.   So Mark took care of it.

 She loves that dog of hers.

I thought it would be sweet and fun to swing with Todd.  In this shot I thought Todd and I both were looking at the camera.  Then I would have a sweet picture of the fun we had swinging...


When I looked at the shot I saw the actuality of the situation.  He was actually looking up at the chain as if to see if it was going to HOLD!  When I saw the picture I showed it to him and asked him what it was all about...

He said "I was looking up to see if it was going to hold."

 Good thing we moved on from the swings to the rock climbing wall.

He loves to CONQUER!

This is much tougher now that Mark is tall.

It was easier this way.

It is kinda strange being at the park with your son who is now an adult and your grand daughter.  I remember so clearly being there with Mark and Averys mommy, and Josh, okay and lots of other kids too.  We brought along Hot Dogs, KoolAid KoolBursts, and Oatmeal Cream Pies and such.  Those were the days. :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This Whole Monkey Bar Thing

We got to keep Avery this past weekend.  While she was here we decided to take her to the park where we took her mama and her uncles when they were her age.  She loved it and had a great time.

At one point though she saw the monkey bars.  She said with a sad voice that the kids at school could do the monkey bars but she couldnt. 
So Poppa said "Well, I will teach you."  He attempted to show her while she hung there. 
 However, she wasnt really into it.  What I mean is, she wanted to be into it.  She attempted to try it.  But basically her fears were holding her back.  He continued to reassure her that he was there and would catch her if she fell.  But it resulted in her just saying.  "I cant"  (Insert sad voice)   :(

We moved on to the climbing wall, where she was also fearful.  She would do it but only this high.
 I remember when she didnt even want to swing.  She was scared of that too.  But now she swings well.  Again, not too high...

 We ran, and played and had so much fun.

She decided we should play JAIL.  Poppa was the prisoner and she and I were the jail keepers.  Believe me, if she grows up to be a warden, you DO NOT want to be a prisoner.  I am not even kidding.

After a while Mark and Paige showed up and brought Bella with them. Avery was really happy about that.

She mentioned the whole monkey bar thing to Mark and he, like Todd, said he would teach her. This time she got a little braver and braver.
 She would let go and squeal in fear, then reach out and grab the next bar, let go, fearfully squeal, and grab the next one.  Little by little letting go of her fear.

 She made it all the way through!  SUCCESS!!!!

 I was so proud.  She was proud too.  She mentioned something before we left;  she may need to help some little kid learn how to do the monkey bars since she knew how to do them now.   :)

As I was thinking about this later, I realized this monkey bar thing has many comparisons to our lives as adult Christians.  We sometimes just dont think we can do something.  Maybe its something that God has shown us to do or we feel that we need to do.  However, its way way outside of our comfort zone.  Its like God is right there with us.  He's right there.  His arms are outstretched ready to catch us if we fall.  He is guiding us, coaching us, compelling us forward.  Right there, never leaving us alone in it.  But we are afraid.  Afraid of what might happen. 
He is right there assuring us that He's got us.  But it takes letting go of where we are.  It takes reaching forward to the next place, and letting go once again to get where you want to be. It takes risk, trust, and faith, little by little letting go of our fear.  But once we just give it up, and go for it--
Once we do it we find that we dont fall.  Or even if we do fall, we land on our feet, and start again. 
As a matter of fact, after we move on to a new place, turns out we may get the chance to help somebody else who is attempting to move forward too.