Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Too Cold and Too Hot

 What did we do this past weekend.  Have another crawfish boil - You would think we LOVE those things around our house.  But actually the truth is (as far as Todd and I are concerned) we just love the friends and family that go with them.  This is what our driveway/yard looks like most weekends when Josh is home.  Our neighbors can vouch for that. 

The guys wanted to have a crawfish boil, so crawfish boil we did.  But baby it was WAY TOO COLD!  So what do you do when its too cold for a crawfish boil and you are having it anyway---  Light up the chimnea baby!

What do you do when you dont have any wood for the chimnea and you cant even find any at the hardware store to buy???  Yep, you cut your own. We didnt need that limb anyway. 
 A little tag teaming went on.

OH MY   :)

 You see all that steam, that proves it was WAY TOO COLD!  Brrrrrrrr
 You see what Charlie is doing here in this next picture???  Yep that may or may not be the reason that the crawfish was TOO HOT.  (Even for me)  Well actually the crawfish wasnt the part that was too hot.  It was the corn, potatoes, and other goodies within.
 Oh sweet Todd doesnt mind cooking those crawfish, but he doesnt want to eat them.  No thank you.
 These pictures make it look like Todd did the cooking here.  Actually he just stirred once or twice.  The cooking was done by Charlie and Tance mostly.

 This little sweetheart had to stay inside for most of it since it was WAY TOO COLD outside.  She already had a cough and was on breathing treatments... :(   Believe me she would have rather been out where all the action was.  She got to come and go a little bit.  Some of us ate ours inside with her.  Since you know, it was WAY TOO COLD out for a crawfish boil, even if the crawfish and fixins were TOO HOT.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Chili Burritos

Time for a recipe post.  I LOVE food.  I love cooking, tasting, trying new things.  I am all about some good food.  Sometimes I wish I wasnt but hey, It's good! :)  I decided to try something I have never done before a little while back.  It turned out so good.  This recipe reminds me of Mark my oldest son.  While I was pregnant with him I would crave Chili Burritos from Taco Casa.  I remember asking Todd late at night -(well, late for Todd) to run go get me one.  I also remember him looking at me like I was crazy.  Needless to say I didnt get those late night Chili Burritos, but I am sure the next day for lunch that I was heading up there to satisfy my craving.

 So here is what I did.  Take a large package of Ground Chuck and divide it in half.  In the first pot you will make the chili sauce.  Just like making a regular pot of chili just a bit simplified.  Brown the meat,

Add chopped green bell peppers and onion.  Brown those with the meat.  Add a tsp of chili powder, a tsp of cumin, salt, pepper, and a little sprinkle of garlic powder.


Add a can of diced tomatoes and a can of New Orleans Style Kidney Beans.

 Now just let that simmer and get the next pan going.  In this one brown the rest of the meat.  Chop some red onion.  However much you like and brown that with it.

 Season that as well with salt, pepper, a little cumin, chili powder, and some Worcetershire sauce.  When it is browned well, add a can of rotel tomatoes and  about 3 TBSP of this yumminess.  Its sorta like Philadelphia Cream Cheese but not as tangy.  A milder flavor but will add yummy creaminess!  Mmmmmmmm  Let that simmer a few minutes.
 Now everything is ready to get this show on the road.  First add a little of the chili to the bottom of your baking dish.  Then just fill your tortillias with the creamy meat mixture. 
 Add to the baking dish.
 Top with a good portion of the chili.
 Now cover with grated cheese and chopped green onions.  Mmmmmmmmmmm  Can you tell which side is for Todd???
 Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.  Then the best part.  You get to eat it.  I seriously wish I had some of this right now.  and Confession---It is 7:15 in the morning...  I told you I LOVE food.