Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here are a few more shots from Marks Graduation Day.This one was right after Mark came out and we met up with him! YAY MARK!

This was back at Marks house. Charlie was explaining how they broke into the house since they got there and no one had a key! Hmmmm

This was at the restaurant. Avery was pleased with the menu choices. She really enjoyed her salad and especially enjoyed her Daddy's Quail.

Proud of my son and blessed.


Monday, May 23, 2011

He has his Masters! Thats crazy

We had a wonderful celebration this past weekend. Our oldest son--


graduated with his MBA in Business Economics!

We are very proud of all of his hard work. We pray that he will find God's path for his future.

We headed up to Ruston for the days celebrations. We made it to the University and met him in the hallway there. We visited for a few minutes before he had to go line up. Can you tell we are proud of him?

Here is when he found his name in the program.
There were lots of graduates all excited and pleased to be there.

There he is on the back row with the other Masters recipiants.We sat way up high but kept our eye on him. Avery did really well for the 3 hour process.
It was very cool and even a little emotional when he got closer as he was making his way up to get his diploma.

After graduation was over we stopped by Marks house and a few folks had to try on the cap of course.
Meanwhile Mark added to his Diploma Frame!
Then we went out for a delicious dinner to celebrate!

This is just before we left. Avery was giving her Uncle Mark a Congratulations Hug!
Have I ever mentioned how BLESSED we are?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Do You Do?

  • What do you do when there is all this talk about rising rivers?
  • What do you do when tons of your neighbors are moving all their stuff out of their homes and across the river?
  • What do you besides drive around looking at the water in so many places you have never seen it before?
  • Well trust the Lord, pray, & seek Him of course.



Disclaimer: In no way am I making light of our situation here in our precious town. This really is what we did on the weekend. Family fun helps stressful situations. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life As We Know It

So far so good. Yes the water is still rising but all is well. The projected crest has been lowered a bit so thats good news. Levees are holding strong. Praise God.
The water is now almost up to the top of the flat part of the opening in the bridge supports. (Crazy!)
Life as we know it could change.

But for now we still enjoy our community, our homes, and most of all our family and our time together.

So all in all we are keeping an eye on things.

Waiting and watching and listening.

I must admit I have been one to gripe about living in this flatland, when God created such beauty other places, like mountains, and oceans...
But I do realize the blessing of this place and the beauty.

There is wonderful wildlife here. We have seen some of it lately.

We saw one of these today!

Todd even saw a bobcat on our mini adventure! I missed it, so no pictures.

Thanking God for each day!

Friday, May 13, 2011

High Waters

I have been so busy at work it is taking me way to long to post pictures. Then when I tried yesterday, blogger was down. But finally today I am posting a few pictures of the high waters.

This was taken several days ago.
This one, yesterday. And today it is even higher.

This is where Mic works. Yes he is off work for a while, with pay. I dont think he is complaining too loudly. This one was taken several days ago.
This was yesterday, again, today EVEN HIGHER!

This is the old West Bank Eatery Building, or more recently known as the old Slough Daddys Building where Mark worked while in high school. This one was also taken several days ago.

This is the Riverwalk. This one was taken several days ago and we thought is was high then. Today it is past those rocks, on up well over that walkway. CRAZY!

It's definitely not too often we see much of this around here.
Or this

Or this

Thankful for them monitoring the levees and continuing to pray they hold strong!