Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve

For years on Christmas Eve we have had the tradition of getting together with Todds parents. When the kids were little we would always go to their house on Christmas Eve and let the kids open their gifts from Mawmaw and Pawpaw. They really looked forward to it. Sometimes traditions change and when they moved to Pearl to take care of granny years ago that tradition stopped. So we have kind of changed it from year to year.

But this year again we were able to have Christmas Dinner and gifts with Mawmaw and Pawpaw on Christmas Eve. There was an early start since I had to have lunch done by noon so Mic could enjoy it with us. He had to leave for work at 1. It was certainly a busy day but so great!

I just love that family is such an important part of Christmas. It was really sweet seeing Avery in Paps lap listening to her new book. (Another tradition change, he is now Paps as opposed to Pawpaw)
Avery enjoys family time too, and took advantage of hanging out with Uncle Mark.
There was lots going on in this little house.

CookingThat was sweet potatoes which pretty soon after this was taken SPLASHED all over my shiny shirt! Yea, I hit the wrong button...

PresentsGigi did good! And I am pretty sure that money was spent within 24 hours or pretty close.

Mick did good too! And he didnt even know they would be in a new house with a black door when he bought it! Wow

Avery loves her game he got her. He did good for us too by the way. It is embarassing how badly we needed those new towels. THANKS MIC!

And as always, there is the Welch tradition of

I always pull out the wishbone from the turkey and we have the contest to see who gets the largest piece. Usually it is one of the guys who enters this contest. And honestly it is usually Mark who wins this contest, but not always! This year however it was girls who did the deed.

This is me explaining how it all works to Mawmaw.
And she won!That means she gets her wish! Too bad she didnt wish for Joshuas house not to be broken into during the Christmas holidays... But thats another story

At the end of a great day the Christmas Tree is ready for the following morning.

I sincerely hope that everyone who reads this - cause I know there are millions of you...
has as Merry a Christmas as we did.

I am so thankful to God for sending his Son for us on that first Christmas morning so long ago.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Just before Christmas Casey, Charlie, & Avery said goodbye to their little home in West Monroe, and moved across the river to Monroe.

It was a fly by the seat of your pants decision on their part and we only knew about it Friday night. So Sunday after our church services we drove up to help. We took Mark, Josh, and Mic with us and headed that way to pack boxes, and move furniture.

Casey and I boxed up a bit (She already had most of it boxed, by the way.)while the guys were loading up boxes and furniture and heavy stuff into the big truck Charlie rented to get the job done without having to load trucks up and make several trips back and forth. (That's got to be a run on sentence. Sorry)
This is Mic helping...

This is Charlie helping...
One last little play time with Uncle Mark at the old house.
Then off we went to the new place!
And it was time to unpack everything we just packed and put here, there, and everywhere for Casey to unload and place in just the perfect spot. Bless her heart!
It was a lot of work. There were beds to be put together
Toys and clothes to organize
And landlords to call

But there was still time for Avery to take Elmo on a walk around their new home. And time to check out the new yard with the guys.
I am so happy for them to be in a great neighborhood in a great house. God is good and blesses us to no end.

What a great way to start a New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I got to spend a a few days with Avery this week. While she was here I let her open a gift a little early. Mark was sure to point out to me that I never let them open anything until Christmas Eve and then it was only Mawmaw and Pawpaws gifts. Not too sure how accurate that is but whatever...

She was excited to open this. I was excited that she didnt have a clue what it was. The size and feel of it didn't give away the fact that it was a book.
She wanted to read it right away and we did.
A lovely sweet story about Mortimer the mouse who needed a new home and took over the nativity scene. Upon hearing the father read the Christmas Story to his children, Mortimer realizes that his new home belonged to Jesus , so he gives it up so that Jesus would have his home back. Then Mortimer asks God to provide a home for him and his prayer is answered.

It is sweet to help Avery learn about God little by little. It was sweet to answer her questions throughout the story.

May her desire to know more about Gods plan grow as she grows.

---Thanking God for a wonderful and blessed Christmas Season.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Weekends

Our little town has had a lot of goings on lately in honor of the Christmas Season! And we are happy about that.

We had loads of fun on this particular weekend. First we went to a Christmas Breakfast and Avery had tons of fun chasing the other kids and letting them chase her. What a blast. At least thats what she thought. I dont know why I didnt get any pictures there. ????

Then we went on to a place where she could paint ornaments. She concentrated and painted and had such a good time.

Then on to the petting zoo.

It was sooooo cold that day but we braved the cold and got to see the animals. The pig was a hit. The Llamas were so cute, and the miniature horses were so sweet. Doesnt it look like they are smiling at Avery?

There was also ice skating if you can believe that. But after all of the other- we were all a bit tuckered out so we passed on that. (It was a little pricey! hehehe) Maybe next time though.


Monday, December 12, 2011



Last years balloon weekend pictures

With this years.

Betcha cant guess what she is doing in the next two shots...Wondering what next years pictures will look like.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dance Like No One is Looking

So I may have mentioned it before, but if not, I will tell you now. This girl loves to DANCE!
Have you ever heard the term, Dance Like Noone's Looking? Well she does get a little embarrassed sometimes, but if she wants to, she will dance it up! Whenever, where ever!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Remembering and Making Memories

When my kids were little I had a daycare in my home. Thats how I made a little money to help keep our household going while still being able to be a stay at home mom. It worked for us and I enjoyed it. One thing we did from time to time was all pile up in the mini van, or whatever vehicle we had at the time and go over to Duncan Park. I would fill an ice chest full of hot dogs, cheese crackers, Kool Aid Kool Burst drinks, and Little Debbie cakes, and off we'd go. We would swing and slide, and spin around on that twirly thing they used to have there. They would ride the old train and take trips to who knows where. They would run and chase, and whatever else they could find to do for a while then pack everything up and come back home for a nap usually. Except for Emily, who always told me she was too old for a nap and her mom didnt make her take one. So I would tell her that was fine but she had to quietly watch TV while the other kids napped and then she would promptly fall asleep. hehehe

I have good memories of those days and sometimes wish I still did that for a living. (sigh)

Duncan Park looks a little different now. No twirly thing like they used to have. Different things to play on and they wont let you on the train anymore. But Avery and I still had fun there recently.

She ran,

played in the rocks,
went through the tunnel,
and even posed for some pictures.
And I know thats a lot of pictures but just for the fun of it---- one more -- because


And boy oh boy do I love that little girl.