Thursday, June 30, 2016


Such beautiful sights  to stop and photograph.  And just when we thought we were about to get back on the road and on our journey again, Todd saw another sign and stopped, rolled down the window and listened, and decided to stop and see if it was what he was hoping it was, because he knew I would LOVE it.  He was sooooo right!

 Todd didnt get too far in because of some silly sign about so many people falling in the dangerous waters to their death... yada yada yada...

 But I couldn't resist!
 The water was soooooo cold, but it felt soooooo goooood!

 Oh man it was so beautiful.

 I was one happy girl.

 I mean really.  How often do you get to see this stuff?

 Thanks to him for finding this great spot!

 Isn't that amazing how the rocks are just piled on top of one another?  Amazing I say!

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