Monday, November 3, 2008

Miracle Story

For a while now I have been keeping up with this sweet lady and her "many small children". This is such an amazing miraculous story I finally decided I had to put a link to her blog here. So when you get time, click on over to her site and read her story. What an amazing story it is. God is so faithful and wonderful and COMPLETELY AWESOME. It is so cool to read stories where he shows himself. So I have added the MckMiracle button on my sidebar. Check it out if you wish.


Avery's Mommy said...

I love MckMama! Does Calley know about her? I bet they are a lot alike. We should do "Not Me Monday" I really thought about it but couldn't come up w/ enough funny things. I will have to write them down thruout the week! Not to mention I've posted like 18 blogs in the last 3 days. lol. btw, i'm having major La Fiesta cravings lately, I need a trip to ViLou!

Robbie, Martha, and Campbell Too said...

nothing to do with this blog . . . tights, Campbell got them at Baby Gap