Sunday, April 5, 2009


We made our first trip to the Catfish Festival in Winnsboro, LA. It was much larger than we expected. Tons of people, food, music, and art and crafts. We had a really good time together.

We had a very nice weekend. The highlight of course was seeing Avery. It was such a blessing to see her outside and having a good time. She loved seeing all the people and strolling around. She literally squealed with excitement. It was great. At one point Casey made a statement that almost made me cry. She said something about this just making her really happy. I said "What?" She said "Being normal". We have really been waiting for things to be normal for a long time. We never have felt that from the beginning of her pregnancy. So for that one moment, on one beautiful day in April, for her to be able to experience that, and be so happy about it, well as I said, it almost brought me to tears.

So what does a southern girl normally drown her tears in?

The corn dog was great! I caught sight of myself in a glass door and decided to take a picture. Thats normal right?
Avery finally began to get a little sleepy. I was glad Poppa took hold of the camera and snapped this little yawn.
She gave it up and caught a little nap in her stroller before we left.
Only 4 more days till we get to see her again. I am meeting them and she is coming home with Nonna on Thursday night to stay a couple of days and then her parents are joining her here with us for Easter! Maybe there will be more normal stuff to come! Hope you all had a great normal weekend too.


Avery's Mommy said...

That almost made me cry! YAY for normal

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Yay for the end of RSV lockdown! Sounds like y'all had a great trip. Your pictures look awesome, what kind of camera do you use?

Penny said...

I guess "normal" is underrated, huh?! I was glad when Shelbi was considered "normal." She figured out quickly that all of the other kids didn't have to be checked out of kindergarten early 3 days a week for finger sticks to check their blood. Oh, and of course, the normalcy of being able to let her leave home without my heart in my throat because she didn't talk to "outsiders." I think (KNOW) she's enjoying being a "normal" teenager. She's running errands for me as I type. (Thank God her definition of "normal teenager" is different than most. That would be a WHOLE other problem.) :)

Calley said...

I love all the lics- those corndogs look YUM!