Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Party of 11

My last weekend before going back to work = :(

So we made it fun:

There was splashing

And boating

Ballet Dancing

Cannon Balling






& More sliding

This is Josh attempting to learn to do a flip

Here is Adam showing him how.

And Charlie showing him how

He concentrated and tried again

but could not quite get the hang of it.

We had homemade ice cream while we swam and then all went out for a delicious dinner.



Jami Ainsworth said...

Love the post. You are sooooo good at blogging. If didn't overdo mine and everthing else I did, maybe I wouldn't have ever stopped. Looking forward to getting back into the blogging world again! Thanks for the inspiratiion of short and sweet blog post...not short on images, but short on wordiness (is that a word?).

Beth said...

Great pictures!

Cristi said...

Thanks guys!
Beth I am looking forward to seeing if you come up with a name change!

Jami I am looking forward to you blogging again!

Penny said...

I saw these on Mark's facebook! I wanted to tell you~ I love the action shots! Great job capturing all of those. :)