Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Because I needed a new blog post

This is only because I needed a new blog post and I have nothing new to report here so thats it!

Wish I could spend a few more days with these guys some time soon. Who knows???
This is the moon from my moms back yard! Cool huh?
I really really tried my hardest to get a picture of the tons of lightening bugs flying around that night. No such luck. :(

I did however get this shot of this beautiful bird. Cool huh?

And last but not least this is one of my brothers "Green Thumb" projects.He gave me a cactus while I was there which I am very proud and blessed to say has been re-potted into a bigger pot and is currently THRIVING and growing in my office!

Maybe I will have some more interesting stuff to blog about soon.

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Anonymous said...

Good memories. Always love when we are able to get together! Mama