Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tilt A Whirl???

Another fun thing we did last weekend was let Avery ride the rides at the fair. She was excited about riding this thing. Charlie was the one who decided to ride with her. They waited their turn in line and then climbed aboard. When Charlie sat down this thing TILTED! When it took off it tilted some more making it seem more like a Tilt -A- Whirl than a Farris Wheel! Charlie chose to move seats thinking it would even it out somewhat. :) So this thing did a little rocking and rolling. Thats when Avery hollered out ----
"DA DA, HOLD MY HANDS AND PRAY TO JESUS!!!!!!" (Oh that cracked me up!)
He did hold her hands. And they held hands for the remainder of the ride. At one point she called down to Casey, "MAMA, I don' like dis" She was one happy camper when that ride was over. The whole thing made her mama a little nervous as well. But everythings better when she with her daddy!

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Penny said...

So... now you have two "Daddy's Girls?" :) Glad y'all had such a fun weekend. We let Steph take her three herself this year. Much cheaper for us. lol (We took the three girls last year and even with the money Deb left for hers, we spent a small fortune. Must be so much easier to have one grand. Guess, I'll never know. lol)