Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Miracle

Funny, I just found this page again. I accidentally created it in March I think. I havent seen it since. Boy has a lot happened. Maybe I should go back. On January 21 2008, our little miracle Avery Grace was born. She wasnt due until March 29, so she was 9 weeks early. Casey, our daughter, was 31 weeks pregnant. Previous to this pregnancy Casey had lost a sweet precious baby boy at 20 weeks. We call him Carson. So this pregnancy was considered high risk. But after several sonograms and checks she was released from Perinatology. "All was well". NOT! After her release from perinatology, that same week. Avery stopped growing at 27 weeks. There was a problem with the placenta and blood flow through the umbilical cord, which is what happened when we lost Carson. At 31 weeks Casey decided to go ahead and spend the money to have yet another sonogram. This one however was to be the 4D that we would actually be able to see a clearer picture of our little sweetie. After running late due to another doctor visit, barely making it on time so as not to get our appointment bumped, we made it to the sonogram appointment. Almost at the moment the sonogram began we knew something was wrong. The sonographer was asking questions like "Why did they release you from perrinatology?" "Was everything ok at your last sonogram?" Long story short, there was very little fluid in the amniotic sac, reverse blood flow from the umbilical cord, and we needed to go see the OB immediately. We freaked out. I freaked out inside, trying to remain calm for Casey. But inside my heart was screaming. After seeing the OB who let us know we would be remaining there unitl the birth we were deciding what to do and how to handle all this, when the doctor came back in and after reviewing the sonogram that had just been taken, she said "We are going to have a baby right now". Terrified, there was nothing more to do but allow the doctors to do what they had been trained to do, and PRAY. So we did that and got many others to do that too. About 30 minutes later Casey gave birth to 2 pounds 2 ounce Avery Grace. Even though they told us she wouldnt make any noises, she did let out a few squeaks. They put her on the ventilator for that first day, but she was doing well and they took her off the next day. Thank God for answered prayers. We had so many wonderful people praying for Avery all over the place. We know God heard the prayers. Avery stayed in the NICU for a very long 58 days. We had tons of very scary moments, and lots of hopeful ones too. I learned first hand what people meant when they said they had been on a roller coaster ride. I definately know what that means now. Avery is now 7 months old and is definately our little miracle. She weighs almost 16 pounds, even though she was very slow to gain. She is just wonderfully healthy. We give God all the glory and thank Him for our precious MIRACLE. Maybe I will continue to write here. Maybe not, but for today I have told you about our Miracle. We saw what God can do even when doctors dont think it can happen. God can show up and He definately did that for us.

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