Friday, April 13, 2012

Better Than This?

What could be better than sitting by the love you married 6 years ago looking out at Gods beauty?

--Sitting by the love you married 28 years ago looking out at Gods beauty.


Penny said...

Two of my favorite couples~ ever! :)
I LOVE this and that you made it your header picture!
You should have heard my little ones (at school) gasp the other day. We were talking about "being nice" to our "friends"~ since seven hours a day in a room together for eight months has caused some to start squabbling. lol Anyway, the gasp came when I told them I'd had the same best friend for 34 years now! I hope you know what a blessing and treasure our friendship is to me. (& Todd's~ if he claims me.. lol) Love y'all!

Cristi said...

Aww thats sweet. Thanks. lol that is a long time. hehehe

Avery's Mommy said...

What a fun, fun day!