Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beach Time

 Last week we made a trip to the beloved BEACH!  I do love it very much.  We had a reception to go to for Ben and Brittany that I blogged about earlier.  At the reception some friends suggested we go on and head that way instead of sticking with the plan to leave early the next morning.  So thats what we did.  The first picture is the tunnel in Mobile AL.  Thats how far we made it.  Pretty good for us seeing as how we didnt leave until after 5 PM.

We had a wonderful time as we usually do on our "getaways".  There was this little matter of a hurricane forming in the Gulf, but we went anyway.  Praying for good weather.
 The first day as you can see from the above picture was pretty windy!  Very windy actually. Sunny though!  :)  I did try to stay out on the beach in spite of it, however I finally gave up, since my ear was full of sand.  I did get a nice exfoliation though sitting out there.  When it started to sting, I decided to hike it back up to the room.  We enjoyed the day anyway, with food, shopping, and walking out on the pier seen above. 
 The next day was soooooooo much calmer.  I was able to wear my sun hat so that proves the wind had died down considerably. 
 One of my favorite things to do at the beach is get up really early.  I love the sunrises!
 Early morning has to be my favorite time there.  I always bring a cup of coffee and something to read down.  I never read much at all though.  It is just too beautiful to look away.   Morning is always when I see the dolphins.  I love the dolphins.  So glad I got to experience that again.
 The waves were bigger this time than most.  I am sure "Debbie" had something to do with that. 
 The water was so much nicer this time to me.  I usually dont get  in much.  Just a little to cool off.  But there was NO seaweed, and even better,  NO jellyfish.   So I ventured in and had a great time.  Loved jumping the waves and swimming out with Todd.  We floated and played and had a great time.

 Isnt it just gorgeous?  I told Todd to go ahead and book the room again for next year.  This should definitely be a yearly thing.
 Equally as beautiful as the sunrise, are the sunsets!  We walked the beach after a delicious dinner one night.  So peaceful, and relaxing.
 This was the view from our room.  Here is the last picture we took before leaving.  :(
Todd and I have just finished reading this book called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  It is teaching us to be more thankful and find the joy in every situation. 
Now leaving the beach would not normally be something I would be thankful for right away.  But I was VERY THANKFUL as we were leaving.  Thankful that we were able to go and if we hadnt gone we wouldnt be leaving...

** I know it is hard to believe but I left my camera home for this trip.  Not on purpose.  I was in a bit of a rush since I wasnt planning on leaving until the next morning.  My iphone did nicely though.  :)


The Glenn Gang said...

I'm reading One Thousand Gifts right now. It is a very slow read for me because I have to really focus to "get" her writing. She is amazing!

I bought her Gratitude Journal from Blessings a while back so I've just begun that also.

Cristi said...

Oooh thanks on the Gratitude Journal tip. I might have to check that out. Yes I read it slow too. You have to with her form of writing. But it is good to just injest and soak up what she says. Loved it.

Penny said...

I've got that book on my Kindle~ just need to be kid free for a week or two to catch up my reading. lol Those pictures are really great~ especially for phone pics. :) The ones of the beach with the footprints reminds me of my favorite poem. :)

Anonymous said...

loved the pictures. you look so pretty, as usual! So glad you were able to make this get-a-way trip! you both need this as often as you can! love you both ,,,,mama

Avery's Mommy said...
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