Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Well this shoulda been an Easter post.  It woulda been an Easter post if it coulda been.  However since I was laid up in the bed on Easter then its not an Easter post.  Yea my big plans for a big family dinner with a lot of my peeps was hindered greatly by this little thing called the FLU!  YUK!

So instead of the great family photo I had planned to be taken in front of my beautiful Azalea Bush.  Yea, I was in the bed.  And once I got out of the bed back to the land of the living the azaleas were drooping and sad.  Sigh...  Honestly I was a little sad about missing the family fun.  Really I was.  I am glad they still had fun and I did enjoy hearing the laughter and commotion from my bedroom.

But on to better things.  I did get to make some pictures of family fun from a few weeks before Easter so thats what we are gonna go with.

This is our new thing.


Todd and Mickey played a lot when they were kids.  We were sure looking forward to playing with their parents involved on Easter but I have already mentioned that.  (By the way, I am REALLY glad they decided against coming on to our house on Easter since it turned out that I had the flu!)

Anyway these guys get pretty serious about this stuff.  You should hear the strategizing going on.

I like to play but I love watching everyone else play more.

Avery and I cheering them on.

Good shot!

I did win a game though!  I beat Josh, yes I did.  Go me, go me, go me!  

I have no idea what this was about...
 And of course Todd showed us his skills.

 And who knew Charlie had skills too???

 This is Casey "sending" someone!  Yay!!!!!!!!

More strategy...

 I love this picture with all the shadows in the yard.  Thats me at the bottom left of the photo taking the shot of Tance taking the shot!

 It was a beautiful day and I am glad we got to enjoy it.  I missed Easter this year but there is next year.  And I know we will get together again soon.  I will see to it.


Calley said...

I'm so sorry you were sick for Easter!:( Glad you're feeling better now!
I'd love to know how to play croquet! Looks fun!

Penny said...

Hate you missed Easter. :( I know how much you love catering. Me, not so much. ;) The croquet pictures bring back memories. When I was a kid, living in Donald's, one of our neighbors were a young couple and their kids. They set up a croquet court in the empty lot next to them and we played all the time. I loved it, but would never remember the rules now.
Cannot believe you beat Josh!!! Did he say, "Two out of three?" ;)

Cristi said...

Ha Penny, well there was no need for that he had won plenty before and since. It was a fluke but hey, I take what I can get. hehehe