Friday, June 14, 2013


 THANKFULLY this was my view for the past several days.  ALL.DAY.LONG
 I am so glad we decided to go on and take a trip to Pensacola Beach.

 I just love it so much.  I am a little envious that Todd got to live there a while as a kid.

Being at the beach always makes me think so much of Gods Majesty and Awesomeness.  Is that a word? Well of how awesome He is and the things He created.  Goodness Gracious!
We love going down this pier when we are there.  One year we saw a real live LARGE shark about middle ways down the pier.  Which was much too close to those people swimming in the water if you ask me.  But no one asked me, especially the 7 footer we saw.  So cool.  Of course it wouldnt have been as cool if we had seen him while we were swimming there.  Oooh  that gives me chills...

 I read this book last year.

If you havent read it yet, you should.  Seriously
I started my list of gifts that is waiting for you at the back of the book.  Some of these things certainly made that list.

  • The beauty of the beach

  •  The sounds of the beach

  •  The smells of the beach
  • Dolphins at the beach
That is one of my favorite things.  The dolphins.  I saw them each day.  The first morning was the largest showing.  So cool.  I didnt have my camera with me for that.  But you will just have to take my word for it.  They were there and plenty of them, curving up out of the water over and over.  So beautiful.

 I especially love the early mornings. 
 I LOVE my feet being in the sand!

This was the view from our room, so the little bit of time I had to come in and dress for a meal, I still got to get on the balcony every little bit while I was getting ready.  :)

 You would think I would just skip meals to be able to enjoy the beauty even longer.  But hey, this girl LOVES some good food too.  A good meal on the beach is very enjoyable in and of itself.  A few examples:
Snow Crab- My first experience - WONDERFUL
Conch Chowder - Had that last time.  NEEDED it again.  Equally wonderful I might add.
Lobster Bisque -  Just a cup - dont judge.  Mmmmmm
I told you, I love to eat.

 We met some interesting people while we were there too.  First of all there was this man who was from England.  I thought that was cool.  Loved his accent.  I am sure he thought I had one too.  Anyway, he is an Inspector for the police there.  He and his wife travel to the states a couple of times each year. (He married rich, so he said)  They have been to all but 4 states.  He asked me about that white stuff the hotel served for breakfast.  He wasnt brave enough to try.  I explained to him it was Sausage Gravy.  He was confused that we would put it over biscuits.  He thought they were sweet like scones.  Apparantly in England a Biscuit is what we call a cookie.  Sausage Gravy over cookies didnt sound that appealing.  So I explained our biscuits to him too.  :)

One evening after we were coming in from the beach and decided to take a dip in the pool, there were some kids swimming who of course "took to Todd".  They were playing near us and talking to us.  Their grandma came over to tell them not to bother us.  We told her they were fine.  We enjoyed talking to her.  She is raising the two boys who are her 9 and 10 year old grandsons.  They are both autistic.  Very sweet little boys.  One who is a chatterbox, and the other who is full of facts he reads about. Like the longest tunnel somewhere which I have forgotten already.  But believe me, he gave me the facts. I will remember to pray for this sweet lady who mentioned she was "tired".  God bless her and those boys.

We had such a refreshing relaxing time.  I dont think there is any better way to relax for me than to sit by the water there, lean back and take it all in.  What a God we serve that created this and so much more beauty that I will never see.  So thankful that I got to see this for a few days.

Thank You God.

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Penny said...

Glad y'all got to go. I would love to see the dolphins. :)