Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weddings :)

Recently we had a wedding in the family.  Well actually it wasnt exactly in our family.  But it was, in a way.  Our good friends Tance and Lessley got married.  We love them and consider them a part of our family.  Josh was a groomsman.  The groomsmen and the groom himself all got dressed and ready at our house. 

Josh getting his suit on. 

This is Adam.  I wont mention what he looked like the first time I walked into the room  THE DOOR WAS OPEN PEOPLE...

This is Matt working on his tie.

Charlie ended up tyeing the ties for the guys.  He is good like that.  Makes them just perfect!

This is Seth.  He is the grooms brother and best man.  He is crazy like that.  You should have seen him at the reception.  He is wild like his mom.  hehehe

 Whats a five year old girl gonna do while all the groomsmen get dress in the house?

He loves his Uncle Mic

Josh cleans up nicely!  :)   Thats me in the mirror

Now they were just waiting on the groom.

And yes, this is the only picture I got of the groom.  ?????????????  What in the world.  Oh well.  I am so glad I saw his boots sitting on the living room floor.  He needed those.  Good thing I ironed that wrinkled shirt too.  What would he do without me???  :)

This is our sassy sweetheart all dolled up for the event!
I love weddings.  I did shed a tiny tear.  I usually do that at weddings.  I know that Todd and I did the right thing 30 years ago when we were 18 and 20 years old.  I know that Tance and Lessley did the right thing too.  I have always said if you both put God first in your marriage and seek Him first... Well that is the only road to success for a wonderful marriage.  We have done that and I believe they are too.  It was a beautiful wedding and the whole day was fun.  We are thankful to have so many people to love in our lives. 

Congratulations to Tance and Lessley and May God Bless your marriage and your life as you follow Him. 

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Avery's Mommy said...

Great post. Love the pics. Esp that one of my Grace :)