Monday, September 2, 2013

Cornerstone Kids Back To School Party

 Last Wednesday night we had a Back To School Party at Cornerstone Church.  It was a great success.  The kids had a great time.  The adults and Youth pitched in to help in so many ways.

All in all, it was great!

There was face painting!


Denae did a great job running this Face Painting Booth with the help of Laura! 

 There was a huge slide!  Actually 2 big huge inflatables!

This was a game where you use water guns to shoot the ping pong ball off the bottle.  Tammy did a fantastic job running this booth.  I was so thankful for her help.  She stayed with it the entire time, making it great fun for the kids and giving out prizes!  :)


There were prizes for the kids at a couple of the booths.  Door prizes too!

 There was a cupcake walk!  Here is one little guy accepting his prize.  Boy was he happy.  This kid likes to win!  :)

 There was a sucker toss.  You toss the ring and if you ring a sucker, you win it!

This is our Pastors wife.  Isnt she beautiful?  And their youngest little one.  Isnt he adorable?  

  This is a sweet little Peruvian princess loving on her daddy who is our Pastor.

This was the Toilet Paper Toss.  You toss the toilet tissue into the toilet.  For each shot you make you win a tootsie roll!   :)

What a shot!  She was quite pleased.  I was quite sweaty...

Before it was all over there was a big bubble gum contest.  One winner for the first bubble, and one winner . for the largest bubble!  

 Then my sweet husband, the Childrens Pastor gave a short devotional.

 All of the children (and adults too) sat quietly and still while he spoke!
He talked about how our God, our Heavenly Father so faithfully takes such good care of us.  Just as the little one completely trusted Todd to hold on to him and protect him - How much more can we, Gods children trust Him to completely and capably take care of us. 

 We enjoyed the evening with the kids very much.  So thankful to be a part of a church body where everyone thinks the children are as important as every other member!
Thank you again to everyone who helped out to make this night great for the kids.  You all rock! 

And a special thank you to Penny who captured all these photos for me!  :)


Jo Ann said...

Sounds awesome! Sorry I missed this! You and Todd are a great blessing to many people... of all ages!! Love y'all!

Penny said...

You're welcome! That last one is blurry, but too sweet to leave out. :)

Penny said...

Oh and Harlee told her mom, "That was the funnest day ver!" :)

Penny said...