Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Louisiana Winter

 One of my Christmas gifts from Mickey was a little chocolate chip cookie mix thingy.  One weekend while Avery was here we made it together.  She took pictures!  :)   It was really good.  We sliced it up into a bite for everybody.  Now I am using the cast iron mini pan for a spoon rest.  Thanks Mic!

 So as I have mentioned before one of the things we enjoy doing together as a family lately is UNO.
 Here Avery is helping Josh.  But she can play her own hand pretty well.  Cool learning game for kids.  Colors Numbers Matching, Following directions...  And FUN!

These are a couple more picture from our recent snow storm.  (Which sounds really weird...)
 The cardinals were everywhere and looked so pretty on the snow.

Today I am home again from school/work.  This time it is ice. (No pictures)   Icicles everywhere, Heavy low tree limbs, and white beauty.  It dripping now.  Thankfully we never lost power.  I am warm and cozy inside starting to make lunch for my sweetheart who had to go out and work in this.  :(

I hope he has these coveralls from the snow with him.

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