Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Lesson Taught!

Last week our Special Education teacher mentioned to me that one of her students who has special needs, REALLY wanted a bicycle. The family had no means to get him one and Mrs. McC was wondering about finding him a used one. We knew that our local Sheriffs Office in the past had a project where prisoners refurbished used bicycles for needy kids. I gave the Sheriffs Office a call later that morning and they said that they could fix him up. Todd went to the Sheriffs Office on the day they told us to come, and picked up the bicycle and brought it to my office.

Yesterday Mrs. McC, Carls teacher brought him into my office to show him his SURPRISE. I am almost in tears as I type this, just like I was when he came in and I saw his reaction. He looked at that USED but nice bicycle and was SOOOOOO EXCITED. He kept saying, "My bike" over and over. He said "Take it home." We assured him that he could take it home. He twirled around and jumped and smiled. - tears - Not only that, he brought people all day long over to my office to show it off.

We are at that school to provide an education for our students, BUT WHAT A LESSON WE LEARNED from a special needs child. The selfishness we see, or are involved in ourselves is SHAMEFUL. How wonderful it would be if the little things we were blessed with; we would react to, in the same way this sweet kid reacted to his used bicycle in need of a seat cover.

Thanks to Carl who blessed me so greatly this week with a lesson taught.



Faye said...

Oh Cristi,What a blessing this was. I am still wiping tears from my eyes! Thank-u for sharing. This is what Christmas is all about! Giving. Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

Penny said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet! =)

Avery's Mommy said...

What a great story!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

That is so sweet, I love those kind of stories.