Sunday, February 27, 2011



That was the beginning for Todd and I as we married in June and began our life together. We have been married 27 years.

Back in our day you didnt go and get "Engagement Pictures" done. The brides usually got a picture made for the paper and that was about the extent of it unless you were financially well off. These days however it is the thing to do. I sure wish it had been what was done then because I would love to have them now.

This sweet little couple will be married in a few short months. She asked me if I would take a few pictures of her and her fiance so they would have some engagement photos. I was happy to do it!

The fact that I am not a professional did show itself. I agreed to take the pictures right in the middle of the day when the sun was at its shiniest! That did make for some lighting issues. ~Live and Learn~ But all in all I think I got enough pictures for them to have something to be able to work with.

Of course I got permission to put their pictures here. She said yes. So here is a look at
Shelby and Andy!

I pray God will bless their marriage and that they will serve God with all their hearts as they live their lives together.

And by the way, Andy did GOOD in the ring department!


Mallory said...

Lighting issues or not, they all turned out really good!

Penny said...

Yes, he did good picking out the ring. You did a good job! The last one is my favorite. Even if the sun is bright, you can get good ones if you get in all shade. Otherwise, you get a dappled effect. I learned that the hard way, because I did that on the first couple of Senior pics I took. But anyway, they look good! :) Some of Shelbi's were not in the best light~ the early morning ones, as soon as the dew dries, are the best. Late afternoon is too, but sometimes you run out of daylight. Remember, that's what happened when Jami took y'alls family shots, it was getting dark by the time she did Casey's and Charlie's Christmas card pose.
BTW I've got one Senior session, two weddings, and one family session I'm supposed to get done by Easter. Busy!

Calley said...

Awesome pictures! I LOVE the 5th one! Gorgeous!