Friday, February 25, 2011

Why not do Another?

I know I have already done a post with pictures from our day at the playground but I decided since I had so many pictures from that day -

Why not do another?

The big kids had as much fun as the little kid did.

At first Avery was all for this see saw idea. It was short lived though.

Slides are where its at!

The weather has been so pretty the last few days. I am thinking we may have to make a playground run again tomorrow. I promise not to take pictures. Ok I cannot make such a promise so I take that back.

I dont remember going to a park or playground when I was a kid. Maybe we did but I dont remember it. I do remember taking my kids to Duncan Park. We did that a good bit. So nice to be able to go now with sweet little Avery Grace.
Oh and that tree had lots of pine cones! Just sayin.

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