Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kaitlyn & Josh

A while back I did some Senior pictures for our niece Kaitlyn. You can revisit those here. Recently she called me and asked me if I would take some pictures of her with her boyfriend Josh. We picked a free weekend and got the deed done.
I think some of them turned out pretty great. I hope she is happy with them. It was nice to meet Josh. He seemed very sweet and pretty smitten with our Kaitlyn.
Josh is in his Senior Year and was in need of some Senior portraits as well, so I did a few of him just by himself. I hope his mom likes them.

I got a little creative in a few shots just for the fun of it.

We had a nice time doing the pictures and then enjoyed a delicious Mexican lunch together before they headed back home to Mississippi.


Penny said...

These are really good! Love a guy that is strong enough to wear pink. lol My favorite "creative" shot is the last~ very sweet! :)

Cristi said...

Saw that on Pinterest.