Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pittsburgh PA

The first day of June Todd and I got to fly to the great city of Pittsburgh.

A fine young man who we have known since he was born asked Todd to perform his wedding ceremony.  Todd was honored to be asked and so we jumped on board.  A delta flight that is.

 We both enjoyed the flight very much.  I was a little concerned as Todd had never flown and is prone to car sickness and such.  But he handled it like a pro.  Or rather should I say like a kid in a candy store.  He was awed by the planes power and asked the pilot questions as we were leaving such as "How fast were we going?"...

 I was awed by the beautiful clouds and looking at them from above.  I took many pictures until I made myself behave and realized that they would all look pretty much the same and I should stop the madness.

This is the bride and groom.  Ben and Brittany.  Such a sweet, God loving couple.  We are so excited for them as they begin their journey together as husband and wife.  This was taken at the rehearsal.

Before the rehearsal Todd and I walked around the grounds where the ceremony would be held.  It is such a beautiful place with gardens of gorgeous flowers and plants and Gods creations.

Because of lack communication  we left our hotel early, thinking Pattie was with Ben.  By the time she realized we were already gone Pattie decided to tackle the streets of Pittsburgh by herself.  Unfortunately she got lost.  We also got lost several times while we were there.  Driving around that town is most difficult.  We, however, were not alone when we got turned around and Pattie was.  She did make it to the rehearsal but not after a very stressful ride and rescue!  This is when she finally made it and saw Ben. 

 There were several things to do in Pittsburgh, however we didn't have enough free time to do much.  I sure would like to have done this and if we ever go back we will.  You ride up there and there are places to shop and eat at the top.  Couldn't tell you what all though because we didn't make it up there. 

Yes it does look like he is napping but really this is Todd saving a bench so Ms. Betty and Mr. Paul would have a place to sit while waiting to see if we had time to do another fun idea we had.  But no, there wasnt time.  No Ducky tour for us.

Todd was once again excited like a kid when he saw this...  I however was a little concerned that he was looking way over there at the field and not in front of us seeing as how HE WAS DRIVING!  We survived.

 There were many beautiful buildings to see which  I am always impressed with.  Here are a couple.

 We really had a great time in Pittsburgh and at Ben and Brittanys wedding.  It was beautiful and they fed us well!  :)  Thats always a plus. 

More to come soon...


Avery's Mommy said...

Those are pretty pictures! I never did get a picture of the clouds in the plane and I always meant to. If we bring Charlie to Pittsburgh, we need to avoid Heinz Field. I bet he would spend DAYS there!

Anonymous said...

glad you had such a good trip. Wish you could have had more time. Still it was a fun and great experience for you both! Love you. mama