Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Last Day

After our tour at the Ruins we loaded up in taxis.  That was interesting.  The traffic is crazy there.  Like CRAZY!  One taxi even had an accident on the way.  It wasnt ours but it was some of our group.  However we all did make it safe to Mira Flores and the Pacific Coast.

 I have never been real good at Geography and I admit I didnt even know we were going to get to see the Pacific Ocean.  I should have, you know, maybe looked at a map or something.  What a wonderful treat for me.  If you know me, you know I love the ocean.  Something about the waves that just continue to splash against the shore over and over and over.  Continuously.  Without stopping.  Always- since the beginning of time.  Wow.  Then of course there is the beauty.

This day it was pretty hazy out.  It was still gorgeous though.
 I loved seeing the hills there at the Coast.  Never seen that before.

We had lunch there in Mira Flores.  There was a mall and restaurants.  It was a very nice place for tourists and everyone really.  Again some of our group wanted to stick with Peruvian cuisine.  My husband however was not one of them, so we picked TGI Fridays.

Then after lunch and a little bit of time there we headed back to Inca Frog and quickly off to the Market.  Shopping!  I met this little woman there who kindly (although) apprehensively let me get my picture with her.
We got some T-Shirts and souvenirs there and then rushed back to Inca Frog hoping everyone was there.  We had split up and did not have cell phones.  Thankfully we were all there.  We grabbed our luggage and got back into another taxi.  (I decided to call them death taxis!)  Trust me just close your eyes while riding.  Seriously.
We had one final stop before the airport. Parque De La Reserva  PARK OF THE RESERVE

There were beautiful fountains there.  

They would do laser light shows through the water.

 Images projected onto the spray of the water.  Music and dancing in the mist.  Fascinating.  It was really cool and the pictures DO NOT do it justice.

This is our Taxi driver.  SKILL HERE   SKILL!

Lance about to jump in.

Our group photo!
 It was really enjoyable.  I am glad we got to do that.  

Then we got back into the death taxis.  That driving was NUTS!   Really it was.  Not kidding. Several even used their phones/ipads to video the ride. :)   By the grace of God and the skill of our Taxi drivers we made it to the airport for our midnight flight.  The flight home was quiet.  We thought a lot about our experience and we slept a lot.

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Anonymous said...

such a wonderful trip and experience for you all. the last day seemed full and fun for you.