Monday, August 4, 2014

Huaca Pucllana

Sorry I took so long to get to this post.  I started back at work, so there you go!  :)

The next morning of our trip I heard Todds voice in the hall, woke up, and got ready.

We went down to Ciabatta bread and butter, Fresh squeezed Orange Juice, and coffee.  Mmmmmmm

While we were waiting on some of the others to get ready we grabbed a small Chocolate Eclair from a bakery near the Hostel.  It was sooo good.  Wish I could have one right now.

Once everyone was together we started our day of sight seeing.  The first thing we did was go Huaca Pucllana - Pre Incan Ruins.

It was very interesting.  There was a museum of sorts there where they had some of the things they had recovered from the ruins.  Huge pottery, tools, all kinds of things.  That was so neat knowing how old those things were.

This is actually FOOTPRINTS from the ruins.  I cant remember how old they were but they were OLD!  You cant really tell in the photo but you really could tell they were footprints, toes and all.

I look pretty rough in this picture but it is what it is...   For some reason I woke up on this particular morning with my eyes really swollen.  I looked awful.  I dont know if it was just exhaustion or if it was an allergic reaction to something I ate...   Anyway I looked like that, or worse all day long that day.  I was just thankful I didnt wake up with a stomach thing like Katlyn did.  I'd much rather have puffy eyes.  Thank you very much.
 We did a whole lot of climbing there.  Lots of steps and hills.

This is a few architects doing some digging.  I thought that was so interesting.  I bet they are some excited when they find something.  I would be!

They explained to us that the bricks were laid this way to help prevent it from falling in during an earthquake.

We enjoyed our tour and were thankful to have an English speaking guide there.  She did a good job.

Todd and little man enjoying each other here.

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