Thursday, January 1, 2015

Beautiful God

 Back in November Casey, Avery and I made a trip to see my mom and brother in Tennessee.  I drove. It was a nice drive.  You dont usually hear me say that.  I am not normally a fan of driving a road trip without my sweetheart.  But recently God has been dealing with me on some things.  One being not letting things worry me or stress me out.  Normally a road trip without him would do that.  But I am letting some of these things go and God was gracious and allowed us a very nice drive.

We left early that morning so on the way we ended up seeing the sun rise.  It was so so beautiful.  I was driving so I made Casey get my phone and make pictures.  I would say "Wow, this is beautiful.  Take a picture."

Then a couple of minutes later, "Wow this is so beautiful, here take another picture."

"Would you just look at that!  Here, take another picture."

"Oooh do you see that?!"

 "OH MY GOODNESS, how beautiful.  Get that"

"Hurry, Hurry, get that picture.  Oh my goodness."

 Seriously that was what was being said.  Over and over.

I love sunrises.   It was awesome how God just showed out.  It was almost as if he was speaking straight to me.

  •  About his beauty. 
  • Aout how he will be with me.  He is with me.  Emmanuel
  • About how when I let go of things that are holding me back and allow him to carry me,  He will make something beautiful of it.

 I love it when he speaks.

We made it safely and with little to no stress.  Even when we made a wrong turn and ended up downtown Memphis right by the river.  God is good.  It was such a blessing to make that trip without any anxiety.

Then after a few days it was time to head home.  We hung out that morning a bit, before getting on the road.  Just enjoying a few more minutes with mom.  Then we got back on the road and had another great trip back.  It was nice getting to talk to Casey and hear her heart.  She is amazing and I am very proud of her.

Then before making it all the way home.  He did it again.  I know the sun rises and sets every single day.  But I dont always get to see the beauty of it.

Once again I was handing over my phone so she could snap photos.

Again the conversation turned to the beauty God was placing right in front of us.

Again reminding me of his beauty.

Again speaking

  • The beauty of his grace
  • The beauty of  walking with him
  • of how you can start your day with the beauty of him
  • of how you can end your day with the beauty of him
  • and of how your entire day can be about the beauty of him

We serve a beautiful God.

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