Monday, December 1, 2014

Tennessee Fun

 At mamas we did lots of fun things.  Of course just visiting and getting stories from mamas childhood was great.  And there was the tree decorating that I already told you about.

Here are a few more things we did.  Uncle Johnny had this great 4 - Wheeler.  At first Avery was a bit skiddish.  I kinda didnt think she was going to get on the thing.  But she braved it up.  And she had fun.

It took a little time but once she got brave enough to hold on to the steering wheel she basically took over.

This is me with mom and my brother Johnny.  Yes he's a wild one.  He should have his own TLC reality show.

We made cookies too.  Mmmmmmm

We also did not let the remainder of the cranberries leftover from the garland go to waste.  Oh No, my mom does NOT waste stuff!  So she found a recipe and we made this yummy double yummy cranberry orange bread.

We took lots of pictures.  And we straightened Averys hair.

We spent glorious time together loving on each other.  I love these guys more than my words can express.

Avery got to play a bit with Bogie.  It would have been a lot if Bogie would have cooperated.  He stays clear of her as much as possible.  Poor Avery.  But she did get to give him plenty of treats and play a bit with him.

We colored with Grandmas fancy colored pencils in her special books and in the book that Grandma bought for Avery.

Avery may or may not be getting a special book of her own at Christmas.  Just sayin.

We had a great couple of days at Grandmas.  I am so glad we went and very thankful.

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