Wednesday, July 6, 2016


 So then we finally got back out on the road and drove and drove some more.  Our plan was to go up much further and end up in San Francisco, then drive back down the coast on Highway 1.  But as you may have noticed we spent far more time in each beautiful place we went.  Far too much.  So as we were on our way up to San Francisco I was looking at the map and figuring time...  I realized that if we had to be back all the way down to Los Angeles for our flight home, well we didnt have TIME.  So I told Todd he needed to pull over and look at it with me.  I was right so we had to sadly cut that part of the trip off.  Which would have been amazing as well.  But had we just rushed everywhere we went we would have missed some of the joy we experienced.  We made the right decision to cut on over and get to the coast in a different spot and head towards Los Angeles.  Once we decided that, we were really anxious to see the coast.   When we first saw this neither of us were sure what we were looking at.  I was thinking it was clouds or something.  I told Todd to look at the sky and how it looked different there.  It took a few minutes to realize that the darker part of the bottom of the horizon was WATER!

So as soon as we could, we got to a beautiful spot. 
 Isnt it so gorgeous?  I couldnt believe people actually get to live here.  There were houses right here.  It was so beautiful.  And again I was so surprised how cold it was.
 I could see myself sitting here in a big chair with a book.  What a life.

 I wonder if the people there realize how blessed they are to get to live here.

 God really did create such a gorgeous earth didnt he?


Sherry Foster said...

that was an amazing trip!! Great pics!

Cristi said...

Yes it was, what a blessing and a privilege.