Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ok, this storm sounds much more serious than I previously thought. They are saying it could be worse than Katrina. I dont see how thats possible. But also, it is suppose to be worse on us weather wise. I usually dont get storm nervous. But I am beginning to feel little pangs of nervousness. Especially when others around me, Todd, Casey... are nervous and discussing it. I trust God to take care of it. I really hope and pray though that the nervousness is unfounded. I havent, like every other person in town, gotten weeks worth of groceries, as a matter of fact I only have enough for about 3 meals. No fresh bread, batteries, water, and- lol- not an over abundance of toilet paper. I pray I dont regret that. If tomorrow wasnt filled I would go take care of it then, but we are moving Mark into his rented house in West Monroe. He is soooo glad to be out of the dorms at Louisiana Tech, who by the way, beat Mississippi State tonight!!!!! So we will be driving in the morning there and helping him to set his house up. The original plan was to stay at Caseys but now with the weather we are going to head back as soon as possible, which may be late tomorrow night, but I think that will be better, traffic wise, and weather wise, so that is what we will do. Schools have been cancelled until Thursday due to the fact that the Govornor mandated busses be readily available until that time. No school! Normally that would be hooray, but not in this case. This is all so crazy. Once again I am thankful that JESUS IS the one who can calm storms. Today I was holding Avery while Casey was chatting with some friends from high school. As I looked at her in that very public place, I had to hold back tears as they welled up in my eyes. Sometimes it just hits me like that. She is such a miracle. One that the doctors didnt expect to be here like this. I wont forget that doctors face who was filling out some questionaire before her delivery. I knew what those eyes meant, and I completely didnt appreciate it. I know what she was thinking. I know that she knew our questions needed encouraging answers. I know she didnt have encouraging answers for us so that is why she chose not to answer and just gave us that look. But I chose to look at what JESUS IS. I am so thankful for what He did. When I look at her sometimes it is overwhelming. She is such a perfect sweet precious 16 pound 7 month old who squeals, smiles, and has found her feet. Even though all this is going on around me I just feel so thankful and blessed. I wonder how God has blessed you?

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