Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth Celebration

We went Thursday afternoon and picked up Miss Avery Grace. We had a great time together while mommy worked and Miss Tina (Day Care) took Friday off. We played in the little pool in the yard. She learned how to climb in and out all by herself. She loved for me to swing her in her swing. Now, she doesn't look really excited about it here but she was enjoying it believe me. She loves just sitting back and letting you swing her. We enjoyed our time together. She was very generous with kisses to her Poppa but not so much (or at all) to her Nonna. What's up with that? I always knew he would be the favoriteLast night we decided to take her to her very first fireworks display. So off we went. She had a GREAT time. Wouldn't you say? She LOVED meeting new friends, and dancing, and squealing. Before the fireworks went off we got a surprise. Avery's mommy and daddy showed up early. She was excited to see them. They weren't suppose to come until Saturday morning! She was glad they got to enjoy her first fireworks with her. I remember when Casey was her age and for a few years after when we went to fireworks displays she wanted no part of it. She cried and was frightened. Avery though was mesmerized. She sat without looking away for the longest. She kept pointing to them and looking at us as if to ask us if we saw them too. I was looking forward to taking pictures of the fireworks too. You know something besides Avery! LOL At first the shots I got were ok but then I switched to the night time setting and man were they better. I was excited how good they turned out. :) Today I cooked and baked for the family. It was delicious. Once again I did make the macaroni and cheese from my friend Pennys recipe. Once again it was not as good as hers even though I followed her recipe WORD FOR WORD, INGREDIENT FOR INGREDIENT! Honestly I think she is leaving something out just so mine wont be as good as hers? You think she would stoop to that level??? Just kidding! :) What a great way to celebrate the Fourth! Well I am off to have another helping of macaroni and Cheese, Happy Fourth!


Penny said...

Of course, I left something out of the recipe! JK You're terrible for even suggesting that--- I'm so offended! LOL Do you need me to do a one on one demonstration next time?
I love the fireworks pics. I took a bunch the first year I got my camera. I saw the fireworks go off as I was coming back from Sarah's last night, but it was too late to fight the crowd and traffic.
I can't believe Avery wasn't afraid of the noise! I CAN believe Casey used to be. After all, she was terrified of SANTA for goodness sakes! LOL (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Penny said...

Oh, a few minutes ago I noticed we both were commenting on Nicki'blog at the same time. Well, one minute apart anyway. =)

Calley said...

Awesome fireworks pictures! WHat a happy 4th of July!

Betty said...

Your pics of fireworks were great!
You are getting to be quite a good photographer! Love you, mama