Sunday, July 26, 2009


We have been on a little vacation. First we stopped to visit with Mark at his house. Todd was sure he could beat his son at pool. Um, he was wrong. But he did have fun trying.I even played a game. No I didnt win. It could happen! :) So then we moved on to San Antonio and had a great time visiting with our niece and nephew and their new babies. Mickey was real excited to see his new grandson Ryan. Isn't he precious. He was equally excited about seeing his grandson Grayson and his children Stephanie and Zach. We all had a good time at the pool in the hotel. Of course there was the usual wrestling. The guys had a good time in the hot tub. We went to Schlitterbahn which was really fun. Of course I didnt bring my camera in there so no pictures from that. We went to the RiverWalk in San Antonio too. It was beautiful there. We took a boat ride with tons of photo opportunities but silly ole me left my camera in the trunk of my car which we were suppose to drive but ended up riding with Stephanie thus my camera got left in the trunk!!!! I was disappointed but I got over it. We are definitely going to have to make another trip there and bring my camera next time.

Ok so I will leave you with one more picture of each of the babies Here's one last look at the newest - Ryan 3 weeks old
And one last look at the big guy - Grayson almost 10 months


Penny said...

Aw, Grandpa Mickey! I know Mick was excited to see them, but he should have told his face--- and Grayson looks just as thrilled. ha I DO love that picture of Mick and Grayson! Grayson is a doll and he looks like he has Mickey's chin!
The babies are both every bit as cute as you said.
Stephanie looks the same--- cute as always. But Zach looks like a completely different person! I would not have recognized him. I don't know--- maybe it's just in these pics.
Anyway, glad y'all got to see them. I'll bet Mickey was in Heaven. =)

Avery's Mommy said...

Hate i missed it. Good pics!

Mallory said...

such cute babies, who belongs to who though? i'm guessing the older baby is steph's and the little one is zach's?

btw, that was not homemade stirfry, it came from walmart =) it's called 'contessa chicken stirfry' and comes with chicken and everything already in it, and only takes ten minutes to cook.

Calley said...

precious little bebies!