Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Entirely too many pictures of the Weekend

What a NICE time we had this weekend with family. We weren't planning on going to Monroe but when it came down to it we didn't want to wait another week to see little Miss Avery. So off we went. She was waiting for us outside when we got there and it certainly seemed to me that she was happy to see us. What do you think?
We played outside for a little bit with her which was fun but there was more on the agenda. So into the carseat she went. That once was a real problem for her but now, just put music on and the dancing begins!

First of all we decided to go eat at Wing Stop which for some reason Todd calls "Wing Stock". LOL You can call it Wing Stop or you can call it Wing Stock, just take me there to eat sometimes! Boneless Mild and those seasoned fries - YUM! Believe me I am not the only one who enjoyed it! We all did, but Avery discovered the joy of Ranch dip on this outing. You should have seen her concentrating on dipping and sucking the dip right off those fries. Oh well, here see for yourself.
So then we jumped into Charlies new truck and headed out to see Sebastian. That's our nephew. Gigi and Pap were keeping him at his house while his mom and dad (Todd's brother Richard and his wife Corre) were enjoying the LSU game where Josh also happened to be. We enjoyed our visit with Gigi, Pap, and Sebastian. Richard and Corre are dog owners. They have 3 Schnauzers who all greeted us loudly and happily when we arrived. In my last post I mentioned how Avery loves animals so she was thrilled at their presence. Look at her getting up close and personal with a couple of them.
Avery and Sebastian had a GRAND time playing with each other. You should have heard them squealing and seen them just running in circles around each other. A good time was had by all.

There was MUSIC:
Not to be outdone by the TIGERS there was also Football going on...

Well after we had Sebastian all keyed up it was time to leave. I am sure Gigi and Paps were very appreciative of that.

Next on our agenda - ICE CREAM

Now if you are wondering why they are all huddled up under the eve of the Ice Cream Stand and not sitting on the Umbrella Picnic tables... Well

Yea well I guess come rain or shine, ice cream must be had in this family!
Is this where I should be apologizing for the large amount of photographs in this post?????


brtty Stella said...

never too many pics for this great-gran! Especially since it is the only way I get to see everyone often! Love all of them! So happy that you get to enjoy your grandbaby!!

Avery's Mommy said...

Love all the pics. GREAT POST! Good times :)

Penny said...

Love the last picture of Sebastian! If I were Corre or Richard, I'd frame that one! =)
Your baby looks more like her Mommy with every picture! It's like a blast from the past on both blogs. ;)