Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to You!

Today 9/9/9 is my sisters birthday! So this post is to say Happy Birthday to You Theresa!

One of the memories I have of her is when my parents were gone for the evening or maybe even the night and she was cooking supper. She made spaghetti and Cream Puffs! I would say how delicious it was but really the biggest part of that memory was when my brother thought it would just be hilarious to dump the entire plate of spaghetti on my head, which he did.

More memories:
I remember that she had long straight hair and long pretty fingernails and when I was little I remember hoping that one day I would have them too.

I remember that we always called her Terrie and then all of the sudden she became Theresa!

I remember when she moved away and got married. I was really sad that she was leaving. I dont even remember being the least bit excited about getting my own room. Come to think of it maybe that was the reason she moved out and got married. Who wants to share a room with her sister who was 9 years younger? Hmmmmm.

I remember when I had babies and she encouraged me to go Natural and being glad I did.

So there are a few Theresa memories! Happy Happy Birthday Theresa! I love you!

This first picture is at Thanksgiving which we used to always go to Mom and Dads to celebrate. I loved those times. Yes I was pregnant(with Mark) in this picture. There is the birthday girl on the right, Mom and Dad, and then my brother on the left. Oh and maternity fashions were quite wonderful in the early 90's dont you think. If not you should probably keep it to yourself. :)
This is Casey and Mark with their Aunt Theresa!

The girls with their Daddy! We LOVED our Daddy!

And this is the most recent picture I have of her with her husband Phil taken this summer when I made my trip without Todd to see Mom.
I hope you have a great birthday!


Avery's Mommy said...

Aww what a sweet post. Happy birthday aunt theresa!

Theresa Lamb; Philip Lamb said...

Thank you so much Cristi for the sweet memories blog. How nice to know my little sister has some memories that are good and fun. I know I wasn't always the nicest big sister and am glad you have some good memories. Thanks again for the birthday wishes & pics. You're a lovely woman and I'm very proud to have you for a sister.

Cristi said...

I dont know what you are talking about. I have NO memories of you being anything but a nice sister.

Penny said...

So sweet! (I'm ashamed--- I missed Bambi's this year! She shouldn't have been born during August! Busiest month of the year for teachers!)
I love the family photo! Nevermind the 80's prego clothes, check out your dad's acid washed jeans! LOL Theresa and your Mom look SO much alike and Johnny and your Dad do, too. You just got the best of both. =)

M J said...

Happy birthday, cousin Theresa! :)