Thursday, September 16, 2010


This was taken exactly 2 years ago today. She is wearing her little Miracle hat. :)

Today I am even more grateful for our precious miracle.

Thank you Lord.


Penny said...

I mention Avery to a lady at work all the time. Her grandbaby is in the NICU right now, born at 26 weeks~ she weighed even less than Avery. She is now a little over 3 lbs. I keep telling the grandma about Avery and "our" miracle. She loves it. I also have two kids in my room that were micro-preemies. Both were two pounders, now average and above average in size and both VERY smart. Already writing sentences after only 4 weeks of Kindergarten. Of course, that could just be because of their awesome teacher. ;) More likely, just thanks to an awesome God.

Steve Finnell said...

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