Saturday, September 11, 2010


Todd and I had a GREAT day today. We worked on the master bedroom renovation! This is what it looked like "Before"

This is what it looked like "during".

And you are going to have to wait for the "After" photo until it is complete. Um, that could be a while. :)

I know it will be worth the wait though.

We did finish the painting today. But now we need floor as you can tell from the above photos. Then we will need furniture because it wont be quite as comfortable without a bed and Josh took a bed with him. Well actually he took an entire bedroom set. So a new one is in store since our set in now at home in his room.

So after we finished the painting my sweet husband chauffeured me around Natchez for an art project I have in mind for the room once it is finished and decorating has begun. I took lots of pictures here and there. I am hoping to use my own photography as art work for the wall. We will see how they turn out. I plan on using black and whites for the room. But these pictures I took today were much too pretty to drain all the color from. So I just decided to showcase them here. Today being September 11th I will start with this one:

This is the courtyard at Rosalie where Casey and Charlie were married.

I was really hoping to get something here that I could use although the black and white didnt show well. This particular spot has a special meaning which is why I wanted to be able to find something to photograph in black and white. It didnt work out so I decided to leave it in color. This is the area next to the parking lot where my daddy used to park his Oldsmobile. It is where Cotton's Holsum Bakery used to be and that is where my daddy worked while he lived here with me and my mom when I was in high school. The Bakery has long since been closed and the building is gone. But there is still this lovely landscape. :)Call me crazy but it sure looks like that could be my daddys shadow there on the bottom right of the photo. :) I dont know who those other peoples shadows are ?????

Anyway, after we did the photography we went out to dinner. We both had a delicious steak dinner. YUMMY!

Now at this very moment I am blogging and he is watching a race. Well actually he is flipping back and forth between the race and the LSU game.

What a wonderful day with my sweetheart.



Laura said...

Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see the finished bedroom!

Penny said...

I love the courtyard shot. Wouldn't the gazebo at Rosalie be pretty in b&w? Did you get one of it? The bridge lit at night might be a good one too. Maybe the fountain behind St. Mary's too. Just a few ideas.
Love the shadow picture too. (Looks like he's holding someone~ maybe Carson. Sweet thought.:)

brtty stella said...

Know your room will look special when finished!
Glad you have the good memories! You are a good photographer! Glad you are enjoying your nice camera! You are so loved!