Monday, October 18, 2010

Avery Scooter & Gigi


We did see balloons but she was only impressed with them from afar. The horses though, now that was impressive. Honestly I thought she would love to look but not touch. This is the kid that's afraid to ride elevators, and even the backyard swing. But she surprised me. She loved the horses. She is MY grand daughter! We got to ride Scooter. She enjoyed her ride with Nonna. She petted Scooter, said Giddy Up Scooter, and loved waving to Mama and Poppa while we rode.
I think that was our favorite part of the weekend!

Well maybe thats my opinion because as far as Avery was concerned there was also:


Here is a little GiGi story for you: After GiGi and Pap left our house Saturday Avery noticed a pair of my shoes in the living room. She immediately was obviously startled when she saw them. She gasped. "Oh GiGi shoes!" She looked completely worried that GiGi had left her shoes at my house. I explained to her that those were not GiGi's shoes but that they were mine. NONNA's Anyway I put them up and the next morning when getting ready for Sunday School I pulled them out to put them on. Avery was ANNOYED! "No No, GiGi's shoes" She promptly took them from me and moved them far away from me, with a shove! I told her once again that they were Nonnas shoes but she was having none of it! Thankfully a bit later GiGi called. I let Avery talk to GiGi so that she could assure Avery that she in fact did not leave her shoes here and that they really were Nonnas shoes. She said "Okay, love you GiGi" and off she went. I went and put on the shoes. NO PROBLEM! Have I mentioned that this girl loves her GiGi?

Avery also got to see her Mawmaw this weekend. Beverly walked her over to see the horses because as I mentioned before they were a hit. This time she wasnt up for a ride but enjoyed seeing them up close and personal with her Mawmaw.

It is a little crazy that it was Balloon Race Weekend and I didnt get one picture of a balloon. :( I think it may have something to do with the fact that in previous years I have, well lets just say WAY TOO MANY balloon pictures. But one from this year would have been nice. Oh Well!


Penny said...

The shoes story kills me~ I bet GiGi loved that! :)
Harlee wanted to ride the ferris wheel~ unfortunately, for her, she was too short to go without an adult. We just neglected to tell her she could go with us.
BTW Debbie left a certain little girl a bike this weekend. (not yellow, though) :)

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